Tricky Brain.

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Tricky Brain

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3D Help.

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3D Help

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Painting Over Classic Disney Movie Stills.

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Painting Over Classic Disney Movie Stills

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Pregnant Woman Is Stunned When This Man Pushed Her & Called Her Fatty. But Her Comeback Made Him Regret It.

Atul 2 weeks ago

We all know how tough it is for pregnant women to deal with their ever changing bodies let alone the hormonal changes that they have to go through on a daily basis. Today our reader, Cathy, has sent us an encounter she had with a terrible person who attacked her for absolutely nothing…please read her story below.


(I’m 8 months pregnant with twins and am gigantic. My weight has shot up to 180lbs and my midsection seems bigger everyday. I’m with my eldest little girl getting the very late shopping as I’m being actuated in two weeks. I am moving slow and am having frightful emotional episodes. I’m pushing the trolley and my little girl is doing all the circling for me.)

Me:”Okay, almost done. I require a rest.”

(I feel a trolley pushing into me from the back and swing to see an old man.)

Customer:”C’mon, greasy, escape my direction.”

Me: “Pardon me!”

Client: “You heard it. You should be embarrassed about yourself. Making her do all the work simply ’cause you’re excessively sluggish, making it impossible to trouble.”

Me: “Um, I’m pregnant. Also, please don’t push your trolley into me.”

Client: “I’ll do as I see fit. I’m 70 years of age can even now get my own shopping. I didn’t battle in the war just to watch fat lazy pigs like you work your children.”

(He then pushes the trolley into my thigh and hip.)

Me: “That is it! Hear me out you hopeless old man. I am clearly vigorously pregnant and my little girl is aiding as I can’t reach up or twist down. In the event that you smash me with that trolley again I will do it back to you. Because you’re old it doesn’t give you the privilege to be an a**hole!”

Client: “How could you converse with me like that! I battled in the war; I could have passed on for our nation!”

(He attempted to push my trolley into me, yet my little girl moved it. I’d had enough by then and chose to do it back to him. I pushed his trolley into him as he was clutching it and upheld him up to a show and caught him there. A few people stop to look.)

Me: “Go ahead, then, you cranky old man! Not all that extreme now that the entire shop can see you. Still need to holler at the pregnant woman for being fat and sluggish? Still need to smash a trolley into me while I’m conveying twins? I didn’t think so. It couldn’t be any more obvious, I know you didn’t battle in a war. You’re a hopeless, forlorn old weakling who can just feel better about himself when you’re making others feel awful. Didn’t take a shot at me, did it? What’s wrong, old man? Overlooked all the unpleasant things you said to me? Nothing mean to state now that I’m not some compliant little lady?”

(I feel a hand on my shoulder turn, still very furious.)


Security Guard: “Perhaps we can release him now, ma’am. I believe he’s been berated enough. My associate will escort the honorable man out. May I recommend a complimentary drink and cake from our bistro?”

Me: *as sweet as sugar once more’ “Ooh, cake. That is exceptionally kind. He was amazingly inconsiderate”

Security Guard: “I know, another client let us know and we could see everything on CCTV. How far along would you say you are?”

Me: “I’m being instigated in two weeks. I have two 7lbers in here and I’ve had enough.”

Security Guard: “My better half had twins a year ago. The last trimester was the most noticeably awful more than two months of my life and I WAS in a war! I would’ve happily backpedaled to Afghanistan to make tracks in an opposite direction from her on occasion!”

(The old man was made a request to leave and I and my little girl had a beautiful bit of cake. What’s more, no, I didn’t feel terrible about conversing with a retired person that way. Because you’ve carried on quite a while, doesn’t mean you can be impolite.)

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After The Exam.

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After The Exam

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Magnets Can Do Wonderful Things.

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Magnets Can Do Wonderful Things

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