Mom Runs Looking For Her Kids After She Had An Accident. But Never Expected The Officer Would Tell Her This.

Geekfiller-John 2 weeks ago



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Mom Is In Tears When He Did This To His Mentally Challenged Son.This Is Priceless.

Geekfiller-Thomas 2 weeks ago



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This 13 Yr. Old Thought She Was Having A Nightmare When She Saw A Man Sleeping Next To Her. But Then This Happened.

Geekfiller-Jerry 2 weeks ago



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Elderly Man Wrote This Letter To His Son, But Didn’t Expect This In Return

Geekfiller-John 2 weeks ago

An elderly man has become too old to tend to his tomatoes by himself, but things work out in an unexpectedly hilarious way when he writes his son a letter. Read the joke below…


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Being Married For Fifty Years He Was Discussing Married Life With His Wife. His Wife’s Response Was Priceless.

Geekfiller-Ian 2 weeks ago

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Old Man Is Told His Life Was Easy As There Was No Drug Problem When He Grew Up. His Reply Is The Best Thing Ever.

Geekfiller-Bruce 2 weeks ago



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