Young and Beautiful.

Geekfiller-David 5 months ago

Young and Beautiful

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“Do You Have Any Idea Who I Am?” Said The Rich Man When The Cashier Refused To Serve Him. What Followed Next Is Just Priceless.

Geekfiller-George 5 months ago

(Thanks Brian for sharing this story with us through our page)

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Boss Overheard Him Talking To His Wife About Having No Money To Buy Formula For Their Daughter. The Boss’s Response Is Stunning.

Geekfiller-Thomas 5 months ago

(Thanks Eric for sharing this story with us through our page)

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The Teacher Saw An Autistic Kid Being Bullied Non-Stop By A Girl. But Is Speechless When Another Boy Did This.

Geekfiller-Robin 5 months ago

A teacher writes about her experience in dealing with an incredibly bad child who took to bullying another little boy who clearly had autism. She never expected this to happen.(Thanks Jerry for sharing your story with us through our page)
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Afraid To Be Happy.

Geekfiller-Leo 5 months ago

Afraid To Be Happy

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Sloth Snuggles.

Geekfiller-Horn 5 months ago

Sloth Snuggles

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