Boy Is Suspended From School After He Helped A Special Needs Child. The Mom’s Response On FB Is Heartbreaking.

Geekfiller-David 1 week ago

A boy was suspended from school after he skipped gym class one day. But the reason why he did so was to help a special needs student who had soiled his pants. How the teachers responded when the truth came out is heartbreaking.

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The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem.

Geekfiller-David 1 week ago

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

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The Cashier Judged Her Because Of Her Hair Color. But Her Comeback Left The Cashier Totally Stunned.

Geekfiller-Ian 1 week ago

A woman was judged for her appearance—she had colored hair and piercings, as many people tend to do—and asked others at the store what they thought of her piercings. Her response to them is amazing.

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Compassion Mandala.

Geekfiller-Watson 1 week ago

Compassion Mandala

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Sutter Creek.

Geekfiller-David 1 week ago

Sutter Creek

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Trondheim, Norway.

Geekfiller-Bruce 1 week ago

Trondheim, Norway

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