Oh No Help Me.

Geekfiller-Denny 1 week ago

Oh no  help me

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Awesome Parents.

Geekfiller-Denny 1 week ago

Awesome parents

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What s The Point.

Geekfiller-Martin 1 week ago

What s the point

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Recently Upgraded My Computer.

Geekfiller-Bron 1 week ago

Recently upgraded my computer

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Bizarre Stories About Alien Encounters.

Geekfiller-Jerry 1 week ago

On August 19th, 1970, six kids playing in the forest claimed they saw a UFO less than 3 feet across. 5 very humanoid aliens got out, with the main difference between them and a human being was that they were only about 3 inches tall. Four of them were dressed in blue while one, who was interpreted as the leader, wore yellow and a spiked helmet. They were attempting to install some sort of “aerial device” in a tree when one of the kids tried to grab one, but the little guys had ray guns and began shooting at him and his friends, sending them off.


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Xbox Live Dog.

Geekfiller-Clarck 1 week ago

Xbox Live Dog

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