The Most Unexpected Swap Ever. This Is Priceless.

Geekfiller-Kevin 5 days ago

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Firefighter Tries To Help This Little Girl. Her Response Is Gold.

Geekfiller-George 5 days ago

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As A Kid She Always Thought Her Parents Were Dumb. But What Happened When She Grew Up Is Gold.

Geekfiller-Peter 5 days ago


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She Was Shocked When A Man Was Very Rude To Her On The Phone For No Reason. But Her Comeback Is GENIUS.

Geekfiller-Thomas 6 days ago

When she found assholes on the phone, she would take a note. Then she put them in their place. (Thanks Jessica for submitting this to our page)



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She Was Shocked When A Diner Yelled At The Couple On A Date & Wanted Them Out. But Then This Happened.

Geekfiller-Watson 6 days ago

She was caught off guard when an older man wanted a couple out of the restaurant because the woman had a few tattoos. What she did next is perfect. (Thanks Diana for sharing your story with us through our page)


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Next Time You Have A Bad Day At Work, Think Of This Guy.

Geekfiller-Peter 6 days ago



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