Teacher Gets Wrong Answer Every Time She Asked Him This. But What He Said Next Is Priceless.

Geekfiller-Peter 7 days ago

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Teenager Takes Pics Of Overweight Kids In School & Ridicules Them. But Never Knew Her Dad Would React Like This.

Geekfiller-Harris 7 days ago

Generally, every child of a parent is a gem in their eyes; Let aside the good manners, behaviours and habits. Read this incident about a teenage girl turning 18 who eventually embarrassed her parent, by her behaviours. Isn’t this an everyday incident and a real-life lesson? Share if you agree, with either perspectives:

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This Man Was Walking To The Cemetery. She Gave Him A Ride, And He Said The Most Beautiful Thing She Had Ever Heard.

Geekfiller-Mark 7 days ago

He was walking across the city, a long way. He was headed for the cemetery, and she gave him a ride. (Thanks Alma for submitting this to our page)

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Nurse Gives Best Response Ever To Hospital Trying To Cheat Its Patients. This Is Genius.

Geekfiller-George 1 week ago

Being unethical does not go a long way…especially when your job is to save people’s lives. This doctor had it coming after he treated his employees and his patients badly.

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Her 4 Yr. Old Daughter Looked Disturbed After Getting Off Her School Bus. But Is Shocked When She Said This.

Geekfiller-Kevin 1 week ago

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He Saw A Woman With A Perfect Body Shape While Walking Down The Street. What Happened In The End Is Hilarious.

Geekfiller-Robin 1 week ago

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