Some things you just never forget.

Geekfiller-George 5 days ago

Some things you just never forget

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Dad Finds Daughter With A Young Man On His Couch. But What He Did Next Is Priceless.

Geekfiller-George 5 days ago

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Her Parents Did Not Expect To Find This Note After She Passed Away. But What Followed Is Priceless.

Geekfiller-Peter 5 days ago

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This Mom Berated Him For Refusing To Sell Alcohol For Her Underage Daughter. But His Reply Is Perfect.

Geekfiller-Bruce 5 days ago

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That awkward moment during a test.

Geekfiller-Martin 5 days ago

That awkward moment during a test

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His New Wife Told Him To Leave All His Interests And To Focus On Her. But His Reply Shocked Her.

Geekfiller-Nexus 5 days ago


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