Perfectly Camouflaged.

Geekfiller-Mark 4 days ago

Perfectly Camouflaged

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Is This The Most Beautiful Motorcycle In The World?

Geekfiller-Marsh 4 days ago

This motorcycle has a one of a kind paint job, it’s a pleasure to look at and the lights are equipped to illuminate and city street. The bike is definitely fun to ride but it’s even more fun to look at.

beautiful_bike_01 beautiful_bike_02 beautiful_bike_03 beautiful_bike_04 beautiful_bike_05

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Geekfiller Picdump (10 Pics )

Geekfiller-Peter 4 days ago

acid_picdump_23 acid_picdump_24 acid_picdump_66 acid_picdump_67 acid_picdump_73 acid_picdump_74 acid_picdump_75 acid_picdump_79 acid_picdump_82acid_picdump_86  acid_picdump_97

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Geekfiller Picdump (20 Pics)

Geekfiller-Geekfill 4 days ago



acid_picdump_01 acid_picdump_02 acid_picdump_03 acid_picdump_04 acid_picdump_05 acid_picdump_06 acid_picdump_08 acid_picdump_09 acid_picdump_10 acid_picdump_12 acid_picdump_13 acid_picdump_14 acid_picdump_15 acid_picdump_16 acid_picdump_17 acid_picdump_18 acid_picdump_19 acid_picdump_20 acid_picdump_21

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Inspirational Man Accomplishes Incredible Things Without Hands.

Geekfiller-Bruce 4 days ago

24-year-old Singh Dzhagvinder has with a genetic disorder that caused him to be born without arms. But he hasn’t let that slow him down one bit. He’s managed to become a cyclist as well as an art teacher and his accomplishments are an inspiration to people all over the world.
without_hands_01 without_hands_02 without_hands_03 without_hands_04 without_hands_05 without_hands_06 without_hands_07 without_hands_08 without_hands_09 without_hands_10 without_hands_11 without_hands_12 without_hands_13 without_hands_14

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If it fits.

Geekfiller-George 4 days ago

If it fits...

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