Cowboy Walked Into A Bar And Took A Seat Next To An Attractive Woman. This One Is Brilliant.

Geekfiller-John 2 weeks ago



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An Angel Asks God If Women Have Any Flaws. His Response Is Truly Amazing.

Geekfiller-John 2 weeks ago




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Man Calls Girl To His Hotel Room To Enjoy His Casino Winnings. But Never Thought She’d Say This Before Leaving.

Geekfiller-David 2 weeks ago

This man was overjoyed with his winnings at the casino and was give a complementary suite by the casino. Getting bored along in his room he decided to call the reception asking for some company.


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This Old Man Had The Best Response After A Young Child Embarrassed His Mother.

Geekfiller-Adams 2 weeks ago

A young child took off his pants in a public restaurant to show his mom that he didn’t have an “accident.” What followed was absolutely priceless.


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Labor Department Accuses This Man Of Not Paying Proper Wages. His Response Is Gold.

Geekfiller-Jerry 2 weeks ago

This man was being investigated for not paying living wages to his employees. But when asked about a certain underpaid employee…he said this.


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This Girl Got In Trouble For Standing Her Ground When A Boy At School Got Physical. What She Said To The Principal Later Is Gold.

Geekfiller-Horn 2 weeks ago

When a boy grabbed her arm, she stood up to him. When the principal tried to tell her she was wrong, she stood up to him too. (Thanks Patricia for submitting this to our page)


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