A 3 Yr. Old Girl Came Sobbing To Her Coworker As She’d Lost Her Mom. But Are Shocked When This Happened.

Geekfiller-Thomas 2 weeks ago

Her coworker had a little girl approach her sobbing as she’d lost her mommy. They tried to keep the little girl busy until they found her mom but never expected this.


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He Made The Mistake Of Asking His Wife Why Are Married Women Heavier Than Single Women. Her Comeback Is Genius.

Geekfiller-James 2 weeks ago

Here are some he said she said moment that happen in the life of married couples. The last one made me laugh out loud.


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This Woman Was Detained For ‘Stealing’ A Case Of Water Bottles And THIS Was Her Husband’s Response.

Geekfiller-Jerry 2 weeks ago




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Lawyer Tries To Make The Farmer Look Stupid. The Farmer’s Reply Was Genius.

Geekfiller-Horn 2 weeks ago



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Teacher Always Berated This Boy Who Was Not Good In School. But Never Expected This

Geekfiller-Martin 2 weeks ago

This teacher ridiculed this kid a lot for misbehaving in the class and not paying attention on his studies. She complained to her mother about her boy but never expected it would result to this.


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She Made Her Student Cry – The Student’s Brother Just Died, But It Got Her In Big Trouble. Here’s What Happened.

Geekfiller-John 2 weeks ago

This teacher was continually making her student cry. She seemed to not even see what was going on at all so she just kept doing it… Despite the fact the student’s brother had just died. It eventually landed her in the hot seat. (Thanks Gloria for submitting this to our page)


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