So Colorful And Majestic

Geekfiller-Tom 2 days ago

She Called The Police When Her Mom Left The House But Didn’t Return. But Never Thought They’d Do This When They Found Her.

Geekfiller-Ronnie 2 days ago

She panicked and rightfully so when her mom never returned from her daily walk. She called the police but never thought they’d say this when the found her.

One Of The Oldest Clocks Ever Made

Geekfiller-Ian 3 days ago

I Can’t Say The Design Lacks Appeal

Geekfiller-Cristian 3 days ago

Man Submits The Best Job Application Ever. This Is Genius.

Geekfiller-David 3 days ago

She Locked His Office And Said She’d Do Anything To Pass The Exam. But Never Expected The Professor To Say This.

Geekfiller-Chris 3 days ago