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Best Reason Ever Not To Blindly Follow A Consultant. This Is Priceless.

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Have you ever had to deal with consultants? Unless you’re the boss who hired them, they’re probably a pain in the butt, right? Your work will make you bring these people in and make you change things but the changes don’t even matter. Here’s a story on how that’s worked out for this restaurant.


When Teaching In Schools Goes Horribly Wrong. This Guy Nails It.

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So you think people would better understand math if it was taught the same way it was in the 1960s? I think some people would say they would have never been fond of math at all. Other people would argue that they don’t need to learn math at all, although of course those folks probable should get their phones taken from them.
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This cat is not like the others.

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Everyday things magnified

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From top left to bottom right: Salt and pepper, Split ends(hair), needle and thread and, velcro.

The Secret Lives of Cats

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