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At some point, we all wonder about the unexplainable. Amongst numerous other things, UFO sightings hold a special place when we think of mysterious happenings. Here is a list of the top 10 UFO sightings that occurred across the globe, over the past decades.


  1. Colares, Brazil  In the year 1977, over the months of October, November, and December, various UFOs were witnessed. All the other UFO sightings are known to not have any physical effects on the witnesses. This incident, however, indicated otherwise. As many as 40 witnesses were treated for burns which turned black almost 10 minutes of being hit with the UFO lights. others reported have headaches and some of the islanders even had attacks of Paralysis.

  2. Rendlesham Forest, United Kingdom  Around 28th of December, 1980, repeated sightings of hovering lights were reported over in Rendlesham forest. Military personnel was sent to look into the issue and they claim to have witnessed a terrestrial flying craft which seemed to be mad of black glass. 2 of the men suffered from post-traumatic stress after the incident. When the lights did not stop appearing some more men were sent to help find a source. These men found that the radiation content in the forest was erratically high and one of the officials even reported having a silent stand off with an alien being.

  3. Phoenix Lights, USA                       Around 10 thousand people witnessed strange V-shaped, silently moving objects over the skies of Phoenix, Arizona. These ‘objects’ were almost the size of a football field. The then governor, Fife Symington, ridiculed the idea od alien existence but altered his statement 10 years later. He said that he had been a pilot and these ‘objects’ were larger than any flying machines he knew of. He claimed these to be ‘otherworldly.’

  4. Underwater Millenium Falcon                                               In June 2011 a cylindrical object was found just off the coasts of Sweden and Finland via sonar. After some more probing, a Millennium Falcon-shaped object nearby. The find has baffled scientists ever since, with opinions ranging from a rock formation to UFO, so a team from OceanX was finally sent down to investigate. The divers claimed that all electronics shut down within 200 meters of ‘the giant mushroom’ and also to have found unexplained black matter in the cracks of the wreck.

  5. NASA International Space Station Nothing makes a strange occurrence more suspicious than someone trying to hide it. That somewhat resembles what happened during the NASA international space station live stream in 2011. Some strange objects seemed to be flying off the surface of the Earth into something else. Some of the viewers claimed it was just dust. But NASA decided to cut off the stream, reporting some technical issues, which added more to the suspicion of viewers.

  6. Zimbabwe School Children The children of Ariel school, Zimbabwe, saw three strange disc shaped aircrafts disappearing and reappearing in the sky around their school. One of the children reported that he saw a tall being with rugby ball sized eyes. All 62 children were asked to draw pictures of what they encountered and what they dre4w was almost similar to each other. Some experts claim this encounter to be a mass hallucination. however, no one can certainly explain what these children saw.

  7. UFOs of Washington DC                                                                                        In the summer of 1952, some strange blips were detected on the RADAR of air traffic control. Oddly, no one was flying in the area where the blips were spotted. A pilot reported seeing 6 lights that appeared like shooting stars without tails and they were moving with very high speed. The same incident was witnessed a week later by a commercial airliner, the pilot of which said that they moved with speed much more than the fastest they could fly with.

  8. The Valentich Disappearance, Australia                             Frederick Valentich was a 20-year-old pilot who went missing over the Bass Strait in 1978, leaving nothing behind except a mysterious radio transmission. Just before the transmission broke off he claimed that there was a long, strange shape, hovering about 30 meters above him. The radio transmission said, “It’s not an aircraft, it is..” He could’ve crashed but no wreckage of his craft was ever found. It is believed that he was abducted by the strange object.

  9. Belgian Wave, Belgium                                                 The Belgian UFO wave began in November 1989. A triangular object with three bright flashing lights was observed in Belgian sky by around 13,500 people including policemen. Many people tried taking photos of these UFOs but none of the pictures developed properly. The same incident occurred again in March 1990 and many more of such sightings continued to be reported. Confidential letters from the defense minister of Belgium stated that there was no earthly explanation for these sightings.

  10. The Shag Harbor Crash  Late in the evening of Oct 4, 1967, at least 11 people saw a low flying object, hovering over the small town of Shag Harbor. Witnesses claim to have seen 4 bright orange lights crashing into the water, creating a bright splash. This was earlier mistaken for an airplane, but later, after investigating, no debris was found and neither was any airplane reported crashed. What was floating in the Shag Harbor skies? Nobody knows.
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10 creepiest things you will read about today

Alexane mathew 4 days ago

While the thought of a lizard in the same room as you climbing the wall with its slimy slithering hands is enough to give you sleepless nights some of us here wish to travel the most haunted places the world of monsters has to offer.
If you want to eat a midnight snack at 3 AM on the floor of an abandoned house this list is for you

1: Flat woods monster

First sightings date back to September 12, 1952 in Braxton county West Virginia where three boys allegedly saw a 7 foot tall monster with glowing eyes surrounded with Mist The boys complaint of convulsions vomiting and swears nose and throat because of the mist the monster emitted

2: Joyce Vincent

The story of Joyce is more heartbreaking than it is terrifying, she was found dead in her apartment in 2006, already in the semi skeleton state.
It was later identified that she had been dead for 3 years, the Televison in her room was still on when they found her. Advice to all those who live alone, easy on the slippery bathroom floors

3: Wendigo

As classy as the name sounds, Wendigo was a Native American creature who turned into a deadly monster because of cannibalism, not so classy now huh?
It is believed that Wendigo used to feast on human flesh and ate anyone who dared meet his eye.
He became so popular that “Wendigo psychosis” a phenomenon where a person faces strange cravings for human flesh has been named after him
Food porn anyone?

4: Post-mortem photography

These will probably be the creepiest pictures you will ever Google, apparently post mortem photography was a big hit in the 19th century where the dead body was bathed and groomed and then the relatives and the family had an elaborate photo session with it.

5: June and Jennifer gibbons

Twins by birth these two sisters were inseparable to the point of them developing and talking in a code language only they could understand. At the age of 30 Jennifer gibbons volunteered to die when the twins understood that one of them had to die for one of them to survive. Jennifer was found dead under mysterious heart inflammation. June said she felt “free and at peace” after her sister’s death. Any siblings you want to sacrifice for peace?

6: Moth Man

A very famous mystical creature first sighted in November 1966 at point Pleasant West Virginia. This creature allegedly had big wings a black body and red eyes that bore into your soul
Whose man is this?

7: Black eyed children

These cute kids became famous in the mid 90s when the Internet boomed with reported deaths and sightings. These kids came to your door seeking for invitation to come inside and if you allowed them -the kid lover you are, you would die under mysterious circumstances.

8: Coffin birth

If a woman died while she was pregnant, the eventual gases produced due to the decomposition would eventually push the infant out causing coffin birth

9: Shadow People

Have you ever caught movement from the corner of the eye only to find nothing and no one present? well you have been visited by the famous shadow people who have reportedly created quite a buzz in the ghost world because of their fondness for spooking people.
Oh look over your shoulder do you see someone?

10: Pontianak

Indonesian word for women who died in childbirth, these women are said to be the most beautiful organ eaters. They hunt for men and recognise one with their strong scents and dig their sharp fingernails inside stomachs and eats their guts out. Watch out for a pretty girl with sweet smell and long fingernails

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10 things you should NEVER Google

Alexane mathew 4 days ago


1: Trypophobia

Have you ever looked at tiny holes or big holes or just holes together and felt “ugh”
Welcome to the group, you too need to be familiar with this recent term coined for people who are scared of lots of holes on a surface
We will spend our hole life trying to get that image out of our minds



2: Blue Waffle

This is not a land of sugary desserts people, this is serious “I-am-going-to-throw-up” business. Blue waffles wouldn’t have made to our list had it been an innocent waffle topped with whipped cream basking in all that delicious glory, but it did. Blue waffle as Google image suggest is a disease where in your genitals turn blue and purple and are filled with disgusting things like puss, bruises and oh my god just do not Google it.



3: 2 girls 1 cup

When this video got famous, and we had to ditch our favourite chocolate icecream for a solid month because we couldn’t look at it without having the urge to bleed dry, one thing was clear humanity is reckless. For all those of you who do not know about this video you are fortunate, please don’t Google it unless the idea of self torture appeals to you.



4: Skin Condition


This term sounds like one people would make DIY treatments for, but don’t go there yet. Skin condition may seem harmless but it actually gets worse as you scroll down and includes everything from bacterial infections to things we need to wash our mouths with soap after we talk about.



5: Pain Olympics

Does the idea of cutting of your genitals or tying, twisting them appeal to you?
Then you have an olympics to take part in. The pain olympics awards people who are most pain tolerant and people have gone as far as cutting their genitals off for the big prize



6: Lemon Party

3 old men having a threesome. Period.



7: Meat spin

If you didn’t already guess, this one features an old man spinning his “meat”. You must sprinkle your eyes with holy water if you dare to watch this



8: Girl In Tub

How our minds travel to a beautiful girl covered in soapy bubbles as she sips on wine and looks at you asking you if you want to join. Hold your horses tho, this is one bathtub you don’t want to be caught dead near as it has golden shower of poop. Poor bathtub.

9: Bed Bug on mattress

If you want to sleep on your loved bed tonight avoid this at all costs, because it is likely that after you have seen the image results for this keyword there will be smoke and fire in your backyard as you burn your beloved mattress


10: 4 girls finger painting

We believe in saving the best for the last, this one however will put Picasso to shame.
Made by the creator of “2 girls 1 cup” this video features 4 extremely talented girls painting each other’s bodies.
With Faeces.



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Ten Most Underrated TV Shows you need to watch right now!

Presley Quincy 4 days ago

“Oh my God, I can’t wait for Game of Thrones, I have waited the entire year for this new season. The winter is finally coming!” I can bet my life, we all have that one friend who is annoyingly passionate about all the extremely famous TV shows. However, in a parallel universe that exists within out dear universe, for every GOT and Modern Family, there are a hundred t=other shows desperately waiting to be watched and talked about.

Here, top ten shows which are extremely underrated and deserve your attention right now.

     10. Black Mirror

Short weird stories, Black Mirror is a series that examines personal lives of commonplace people and how, the boon that technology is, has manipulated the everyday behaviour. Impressively told stories show the flip side of our modern society, the unanticipated consequences of the technology in an impactful, satirical manner.

     9. Timeless

Have you every left your favourite piece of cake unattended in your hostel’s fridge? What happened to it? Ugh, it was eaten up. What happens if you leave a time machine unattended? Ugh, it will be stolen. around? Timeless is about a guy who steals a time machine and it all narrows down to an engineer, o a history professor, and a Delta Force soldier to stop him from changing the past. Will they be able to do it? GO WATCH.

     8. The Last Man on Earth

A deadly virus has wept off the likes of the entire human race excepting for a lonely, terribly lonely guy called Phil Miller. Miserable Phil travels across the countries and oceans and continents hoping to find at least some other survivor. Just when he was about to kill himself for the good, he finds Carol and despite being extremely annoyed with each other, they marry for re-population. Watch the three seasons, guys, you can thank me later.

     7. 3%

A Brazilian dystopian thriller series, is set in a future where people are given a chance to go to the “better side” of a world. Towards the end of the eight-episode season one, in a world sharply divided between progress and devastation, only 3% of the candidates succeed. What happens next? Hmm, hmm, you know what I mean.

     6. Insecure


Yes, this is a show. Nope, this is not how you feel about your self-proclaimed title of being a “binge watcher” four points into the list. Issa, an Afro-American model along with her friend Molly beautifully depict the “complexities that exist with blackness.” Follow the tribulations of a black woman, it is not an exemplary story but it is an everyday story of a regular woman from a perspective – I bet- you wouldn’t have imagined.

     5. Queen Sugar

Three siblings with one of the sister’s teenage son move to Louisiana to claim the property of their freshly departed father – an 800 acre sugar farm- and not, uhm, the sugar you probably expected. The siblings, otherwise entangled in their own complicated lives, put everything else aside and one together to run the clan.

     4. Love

The show that will make you laugh like a free spirit, weep like a baby and cringe like a woman on her periods, tells tales of pure, true romance and deep, dark desires. The show follows a couple through their intimacy, humiliations and commitment they try their best to avoid. Smooth, excellent and perfectly directed – however, have you cared about anything other than Sheldon Cooper’s repetitive jokes?

     3. Lady Dynamite

As promising as the name, this show really demands to be one of the hits but sadly got lost in the shadows of other popular series’. A stand-up comedian, Maria Bamford moves to Los Angeles after spending six months attempting to recover from Bipolar Disorder and chooses to recreate her life from scratch with the help of her agent Bruce. Does she succeed or not? Find it up for yourself, yo!

     2. Life in Pieces

One of my favourites from the list, this series narrates the lives of three generations of a family as they approach their day by day lives in Los Angeles. Every episode is told in four stories – in pieces – finding life’s everyday absurdities; watch it and relate, you guys!

     1. Drop Dead Diva

The arrangement spins around a dull trying model, “Deb” who loses to death in a car crash while in transit to an audition. As her spirit enters the doors of Heaven, she ends up being judged by a guard named Fred. Because of her shallowness, Fred pronounces her a “zero-zero,” since she has performed zero great deeds and zero awful deeds amid her time on Earth. The show has made rounds and concluded in 2014 with a total of six seasons!

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12 Hollywood Celebrities whose careers have faded away!

Eliana Peter 4 days ago

Hollywood is a capricious industry, the fact has been widely known and witnessed. The stars at the top of their career fall down in their career with a blink of an eye and are replaced sooner than that. The most sought-after actors in the industry face their fall just as rapidly as they rise in their career. These Hollywood celebrities seemed to have it all but their career ended just as quickly as they rose to fame-

1. Cuba Gooding Jr.



The American actor gained a dramatic breakthrough in his career when he starred as Tre Styles in Boyz n the Hood (1991). Cuba Gooding Jr. declined several roles back in 2016 because they weren’t similar to the one he had in mind and wanted to act. The Oscar-winning actor later agreed that refusing the roles had been a mistake and that he regretted it. We haven’t seen much, or at all, of the actor since then.

2. Jodie Foster    

The American Actress and filmmaker has faded away from the screen during the end of 2000’s. The award-winning actress had delivered an outstanding performance in Silence of the Lambs. Foster attempted to take charge of several projects back in the 2000’s and miserably failed at it. The downfall of her career was marked by the cancellation of her projects and closing down of her production house.

3. Cameron Diaz   

The former model had risen to stardom with her role in “The Mask” and “There’s something about Mary”. Cameron Diaz has delivered several award-winning performances in Hollywood and has been one of the highest paying actresses in Hollywood. Diaz’s Hollywood stardom began to decline with every flop movie she delivered to the Box Office. The roles received a huge amount of negative criticism and lead to the vanishing of her acting career.

4. Hayden Christensen   

The Golden Globe Award nominee, Hayden Christensen, got immensely praised for his career in Star Wars as Darth Vader. The Canadian actor was seen as the Hollywood’s next top actor, however, his movies did not do well at the Box Office and flopped. His career began to diminish and that is when he took a five-year break away from the spotlight. He returned to Hollywood in 2015, through the movie “90 Minutes in Heaven”, and has not been seen since then.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt 

The American actress and television producer was remarkably known for her roles in thriller movies including “I know what you did last summer” and its sequel. Jennifer was last seen on the big screen in a 2012 movie “Jewtopia” which widely received negative criticism and flopped on the Box Office. The actress’ Hollywood career is nowhere to be found since then. 

6. Lindsay Lohan   

The popular American actress received a lot of praise for her role in the remake of “The Parent Trap”. Her acting career shot up abruptly after the success in the same movie. The Hollywood sensation, being at the peak of her career, got too involved in the lifestyle partying and started taking drugs. Her career promptly ended when she got herself into legal troubles and became a face of controversies. Her unprofessional behavior at work, along with failures at the Box Office, caused her career to face a downfall.

7. Jaden Smith


The star kid of Will and Jada Pinketh Smith debuted alongside his father in the “Pursuit of Happyness”, Jaden received a positive response for his role in “The Karate Kid” and it seemed like his acting career has only begun! Although, his role in the 2013 movie “After Earth”, was widely criticized and flopped miserably at the Box Office, causing a major setback to his just-started career.

8. Tobey Maguire


The American actor became a Hollywood sensation after starring in the first Spider Man movie. The film trilogy didn’t seem to do well at the Box Office when the third part of Spider Man released. His role in the movie was later taken away to get things right in the fourth movie. Tobey had been involved with some illegal gambling back in 2011, which further caused his career in Hollywood to end.

9. Victoria Justice   

The American actress debuted at the age of 10 and has starred in various movies ever since. She first starred in the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 which was a hit. The actress worked in several movies after the Nickelodeon series ended, none of which received a positive response. Her feud with the pop music sensation Ariana Grande had made her the center of the spotlight and caused major setbacks to her failing career.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow   

The Global Globe Award-winning American actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, had been widely appreciated for her work in the thriller movies “Seven” and “The Perfect Murder”. The star, although being on the top of her acting career, received a lot of hate from people. Gwyneth was top ranked in the Star magazine’s “20 Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood”. The actor has not grabbed any role in the last two years, her career has faded away overnight.

11. Eddie Murphy   

Murphy had a successful Hollywood career back in the 80’s and 90’s. His movies have been blockbusters in the Box Office, and the actor had been a fan favorite celebrity back in his career. Eddie hasn’t been seen on the big screen in the last few years, and fans have been curious about the same. It is because Murphy had announced that he wishes to retire from his acting career and continue his stand-up comedy after decades.

12. Katherine Heigl   

The former fashion model began her acting career in 1992 by starring in “That Night”. Katherine has delivered several rom-coms like 27 Dresses and Knocked Up. The actress had been on the verge of having a successful acting career when her reputation got derogated because of her demanding nature on the set. Katherine besmirched her movies which caused her acting career to face a major setback and diminish.

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Zuleika Lila 4 days ago

Some people are financially more endowed than others and these people like to spend some serious bucks on day to day things. Here are 10 things the richest people bought for very steep prices.

  1. Pink Lotus Lamp          Since 1875, Tiffany & Co. has been producing the most iconic glass decorations and jewelry and the ‘Pink Lotus Lamp’ was also one of their creations that sold for a huge price. The Tiffany ‘Lotus’ lamp is made of bronze with a mosaic pattern of leaded stained glass set. Its shade is made up of 8 lotus flowers overlapping each other and it was sold at an auction for a price of $2.8 million.

  2. Bookshelf                                                                      The world’s most expensive bookshelf is named ‘Metamorphosis.’ Sebastian Errazuriz has created a limited-edition bookshelf in which the shelves seem to crawl along the side of your wall. Metamorphosis is a part decorative sculpture and a part functional bookshelf that comes at a steep price of $75k.

  3. Pool Cue 
    ‘Intimidator – The ultimate fantasy cue’ has put the common pool cues to shame. It was forged from stainless steel and took over 1862 hours of hand engraving and hand machining to complete. Its price is $150,000, for this price you can buy 2142 ordinary pool cues.

  4.  Swimming Pool  
    We’ve seen many lush swimming pools featured at country clubs or expensive hotels. But what makes this one so special is that it is actually installed in the backyard of a family’s house in the desert of Arizona. It features a 15 ft tall water slide, is roughly 10 times bigger than an average pool and of course, came at a very high price of $1 million.

  5.  Beetles                                                                                                                                                         In Japan, black stag beetles are called black diamonds because of their shiny outer skeletons. The stag beetle that was sold for $90k was 3 inches long. The buyer, however, did not wish to be identified.

  6.  CockatooPalm cockatoos are huge and stubborn parrots. These are found in the wild and are hard to breed which hikes up their prices even more. They can be easily spotted due to their red cheeks. The price of a Palm Cockatoo is about $16k. For the price of 1 Palm Cockatoo, you could get 800 ordinary birds.

  7. Wig                                                                                                                                                            Andy Warhol is popularly known for his role in visual art movement known as pop art. His iconic hairstyle was, however, actually a wig. After 20 years of Warhol’s passing, the wig sold for $10,800. Not to mention that you could buy 10 much more fashionable wigs for the same price.


  8. Socks                                                                                           The most expensive pairs of socks are created by the premium knitwear brand ‘Falke.’ These are made from Vicuna wool which is alleged to be soft that it is also known as ‘The Fiber of The Gods.’ These limited edition socks were only 10 in number and were sold for a price of around $1188 each.

  9. Slide                                  Known as ‘The Golden Unicorn’, the slide is plated with 24 karat gold and resembles any normal slide in looks. It is created by the German company Jupiduu and doesn’t really have anything remarkable besides the gold. The Golden Unicorn comes for a price of $12,600.

  10. Urinal                                                                                                                      American sculptor Robert Gilbert created a golden urinal plated with 18 karat gold. It costs $3525 million and isn’t even functional. The only remarkable thing is the gold.


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