10 weird objects you did not know existed

Give a man some time and he will invent anything, everything. Here are some really weird products and things that exist out in the open but most of us have no clue about. Cannot debate about the usefulness of all of them but the strangeness, we are all very certain about.

10. This Tie

The tie that looks like straight out of a Black Mirror episode something technologically designed by a fancy tie lover, this tie, actually, very much exists in the world today. You thought your prints from the designer store were cool? Think again.

9. Lobster iPhone case

Forget the sleek guys, crack open this lobster case. The life-size lobster case, as funny, inconvenient and unrealistic it might look, actually very much exists out there in the open. You’d like to risk the sting or not, that’s up to you.

8. Pepper Spray or Picture spray?

Taking the whole concept of safety and paper sprays to a new level, there exists a pepper spray that not only saves you from the attacker and helps you escape buying you some time; but also, takes a picture of the offender right there.

7. I knew we all could always use an extra hand

We all know how hard it is to manage all the chores and rhymes of the day with just two hands at bay; fret no more. There actually exists a bag as such, sold in Japan, that supplements not just the traditional storage but an extra assistive hand too!

6. An eye patch for your car

What looks straight out of a parody of Pirates of the Caribbean, there really exists an eye patch for your car. It’s utility, we are not very sure about, but the cool quotient we bet is pretty high for all the pirate freaks.

5. Chip salsa hat

So the next time you are at a party but do not want to hold a plate in your hand wherever you go, you know what to do. Grab that chip and dip it up on the go – quite literally.

4. Egg separator

This egg separator is really good at doing what it is supposed to -separating the yolk from the egg -however, how good will it really make you feel when you eat the separated egg, not sure really. Probably one of the worst ways to make your eggs and the best to separate them.

3. This toothpick holder

The creepiest and the most brutal looking kitchen gadget ever. Period.

2. This electronic violin

This sci-fi weapon lookalike object busts all your stereotyped images about adoring huge violin, as difficult to carry as to learn. This electronic violin is not just a designer’s photoshopped fantasy, it really exists.

1. A banana injector

As weird and unreal as it may sound, ladies and gentlemen, sorry but not sorry to break your ice, there exists a banana injector out in the wide world and you had no clue about this cool gadget up until this sentence. This injector helps you inject really anything into the banana and lets you have your banana in the coolest and ‘adventurous’ way possible. Oh by the way, only for ages 6+!