Top 10 unique clocks

Time keeping and maintaining is an art, necessary for survival, as difficult and frustrating as it maybe; why not do it in your own unique style?

10. The Barisieur Alarm Clock

(Source- Geeky Gadgets)

The Barisieur Alarm clock, which looks more like something right out of a fantasy, wakes you up you to the smell of freshly brewed coffee or tea. This ‘clock’ is an automatic coffee/tea brewer that which lets you wake up to the soothing sound and smell of bubbling water mixed with the freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea.
The clock doesn’t just wake you up but it actually stimulates all the 5 senses.
Hear – By the sounds of the water bubbles
Sight – By seeing the water being transported into the filter
Smell – By the freshly brewing coffee powder coffee brewing
Taste – Taste the freshly brewed Coffee and wake up.
Touch – The tangible buttons of the product.

9. Domino Clock

(Source- Pinterest)

The trademarked concept of this clock is extremely simple yet extremely creative, unique and modernistic. This clock is equipped with huge dots that flip back-and-forth between black and white to keep time. Three distinctive pieces (part of the same clock) hang wirelessly next to each other, each communicating the hour, minutes and the seconds individually. The designer really found a new way to tell time!

8. Sundial Clock

Another masterpiece in the list, a circular metal disk that comprises the clock holds each of the twelve numbers perpendicular to the surface. The numbers when looked at from a distance, appear to be mere parallel lines unlike what it looks like from the side- overlapping mess of numbers. The shadow of the numbers is cast on the painted white base of the clock which actually shows the time of the day.

7. Continue Time Clock

(Source- Sander Mulder)

Designed by Sander Mulder, this product that looks more like a piece right out of the future. Two out of the three pointers on the clock rotate around another pointer; instead of the central point as it is on the traditional clocks. The result of such designing? The artwork keeps changing its shape and appearance throughout the day, every hour eventually presenting twelve different appearances over the twelve hours. The widest pointer (attached to the clockwork) shows the hours, the medium sized pointer (attached to the hour pointer) shows the minutes, the smallest pointer (attached to the minute pointer) shows the seconds.

6. Mhin Clock

(Source- Feel Desian)

The designer of the Mhin Clock, James Tobin, aimed at creating something that would be silent, unlike the traditional ones that tick-tock throughout the day and night. The clock’s body is made from ceramic and rubber while the hands of metal. The hours are measured in the top column of the graph and the minutes on the bottom. In order to determine the time, you need to count the number of bars/dashes. The designer of the clock wanted to create something modernistic and a design that beats all others’ yet keeping it simple and easy to read. Ta-da, voila!

5. Meaning of time

(Source- Pinterest)

Designed by a man called Bomi Kim, this clock is not just creative and unique; but an excellent a very brilliantly devised, intelligent piece of art in itself. As the concept goes, the clock just consists of a mechanical centrepiece with two holes for the minutes’ and seconds’ hand. The centrepiece allows the owner to insert practically anything that is not too broad and vertical in size which would then constitute the minutes’ and seconds’ hand. It is called Meaning of Time because as the concept goes, the hands could be anything – chopsticks from your first date or the first set of pencil colours your kid used. You define the time for yourself; you let it speak a message for you!

4. Make you rich clock

(Source- Pinterest)

Possibly somebody who was sick of being broke and could not remind himself enough to save up so instead created a clock that would pass the reminder. So as it goes, the clock is circular, white base, black hands- very regular to look at- with the only exception of a vertical hole that lies at the 12th hour. The watch is hollow in nature and opens up at the back; designed so because the owner is supposed to put in a penny or as many pennies as possible every time it hits 12. If you actually happen to do so, you know this reminder-friendly piggy bank can be of use in all those broke days!

3. Timebeam Projection Clock

(Source- PC Mag Australia)

The watch that fits in the ‘geek clock’ categories over the internet, Timebeam Projection Clock from is a small projector that shines a clock six inches in diameter against the wall. Obviously, it can be (only) seen the best when in pitch darkness; which actually is a perk because you do not need to get up and bend and turn in the middle of the night to check the time. Powered by a 12-volt 25-watt halogen lamp, the projector’s lens can be turned 180 degrees for projecting the time against any wall, ceiling; a surface to say. It also comes with customisation options like an adjustable dimmer.

2. Ever Lab One Hour Circle Clock

(Source- Pomag)

The One Hour Circle from everlab is a clock that moves its arm each minute to draw a full circle around once an hour has passed. All you gotta do is to hang it up on the wall or against a sheet of paper on the wall and watch how it completes a beautiful circle around. Available in a variety of colours unlike the others listed up here in the list, this is an ideal choice for toddlers at home; because you would definitely not care much about marker drawings on your house’s walls anymore. Also, this makes a perfect product of utility clubbed with an element of fascination for your kids.

1. Human Clock   

(Source- Human Clocks)
The image on the website for 3:31 am
(Source- Human Clocks)
The image on the website for 3:32 am

Possibly the most fascinating on the list up here, the Human Clock is not actually a clock that you can put up on the wall but something that you access on a system connected to the internet; an art of extreme creativity in truest of senses. The clock that can be visited on shows photographs of the time in the minute that you access the website at; and the pictures change with every passing minute. All the pictures on the website have been submitted by real people from around the world. The photo/video changes every minute (all 1,440 occurring minutes on Earth!) so eventually you end up with a rotating picture clock. As of now, the website contains about 28,318 “digital” photos submitted by real people from around the world. The photos range from simplistic figures written on a cardboard to somewhere the figure is more edible, written on a plate with tomato ketchup or with olives and peanuts.