10 Unsolved Mysteries Of Science

Maybe you’re an atheist, maybe you are not. Maybe you believe in science, maybe you don’t but there are things which are yet unsolved even by the greatest of human  minds. Have a peek.

10. Human sleep cycles.

We must think that we sleep because our bodies are tired and need rest but that is true only to some extent. The human body follows ” Circadian clock” for its sleep/awake cycle. When we are asleep our body goes into repair mode to maintain and heal the tissues but according to studies conducted few organisms don’t need any sleep they simply go in snooze mode or pretend to be sleeping to hide from their predators. If they don’t need to sleep why do we? Are they more evolved than us?

9. The thing about gravity.

Today we know a great deal about gravity because of many scientists work and also because an apple fell on Issac Newton’s head. Gravity is a larger force it can hold galaxies together, it holds us to the surface of the earth, gravity on the moon creates tidal waves and gravitational force of sun holds the planets in orbit. It is very obvious that gravity depends on the mass of the object, greater the object larger the force but the thing that puzzles us is why does it really exist?

8. The birth of life.

The tales of dinosaurs and apes might all be true, Neanderthals walked this planet not long ago and now we are fully developed human beings with opposable thumbs but we still do not know the origin of dinosaurs or apes or Neanderthals or any other living form for that matter that existed on this planet. We have proof of their presence at a given point of time but the fact where did they originate from, still remains a mystery. Some scientists place their belief in “panspermia’ according to which meteorites and comets brought microbial life on the surface of the earth but that still doesn’t explain “Their Origin”.

7. The migration question.

Ever saw those exotic birds or animals that have migrated to your region for a season? They are beautiful, aren’t they? Animals tend to migrate thousands of kilometers across the globe to adapt to the changing weather, climate or to mate but the interesting thing is how do they find their way back? How do they know which direction to travel in? How a group of untrained animals or bird which lives in the wild have this exquisite capability to travel to find resources without any proper navigational tools? Some studies suggest that they use Earth’s magnetic field as a compass frankly, we’d be lost in the same city without google maps.

6. Dark energy composition.

Seventy percent of all energy is dark energy, this is the most eccentric mysteries of all time. Scientists believe that it exists due to the expansion of universe but there are still uncertainties about its properties, its composition. It is a hypothetical form of energy but is it constant throughout space or are there any fluctuations? Why does it consist of so much part of matter? Is it too good to be true?

5. Genes, cancer, and luck

A recent study revealed that one of the reasons for cancer could be bad luck this theory was followed by mass outrage and protests, claiming that this is “illogical’ and “misguiding”. A few scientists are still holding their grounds on this theory when combined with parents genes, bad luck, and lifestyle, some mutations result in cancer. We are truly living in the 21st century where bad luck could be a cause for a benign tumor. Gotta go, getting myself tested for bad luck.

4. Extra dimensions of space

I am holding this one in the favor, come on I saw Interstellar (the movie). There have been few experiments pointing out that the extra dimensions do not exist but it is met with not quantity but a quality of protest.  Some theories indicate that for physics to make more sense there have to be some other extra dimensions and living in a functional universe there could be a gazillion choices for an extra dimension. This riddle still goes unsolved.

3. Nature of time

The illusion of time, this one is old school. There has been some serious conflict on this topic and yet no solid result could be deduced. Essentially the question that is put up is what is the direction of time? Why does it always move forward? Is time travel possible? Can we send messages in the past? If we can, can we change our future? Another problem with the nature of time is that we do know if it is all related or separate questions. Guess we’ll never know.

2. What happens inside of a black hole?

The strange case of worm holes, time warps, parallel universes and what not, we’ve heard it all but what happens inside a black hole nobody knows. Maybe it’s a gate to another parallel universe or there is no point of return, maybe we are living in a false vacuum and black holes are the portal to a real world. who knows?

1. Does intelligent life exists anywhere else?

There has been some indication of water and life on other planets but a solid proof of a living form has not been found. What if the aliens thought contacting humans would be a bad idea? What if they are the ones who steal that one sock which we never find back? The topic is wide, intriguing and as mysterious as it sounds but finding some living life would be a benchmark in the history of science.