Ten firsts of the world

Roaming around your neighborhood, you come across so many things- the singing loon on the footpath, the man driving his new Audi, kids laughing their lungs out over a gag they just saw on the web and pulled off flawlessly, or simply, almost everything or maybe, nothing that interest you. But the thing that might spark your interest is that it must’ve started at some point- the videos, the cultures, the rituals, the lifestyles, recreation and what not. So here we are to enlighten you about some of the firsts you must’ve wondered about:

10) World’s first YouTube channel

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YouTube, the go-to for anyone to watch any video about events, tutorials, the new movie that came in, songs, games and what not, is about 4600 days old and is a pop culture giant today. With about 300 hours of video uploaded (not videos guys, HOURS) every minute, it gets 1 billion unique visitors per month who watch 6 billion hours worth of video, making us wonder how we even do anything in life except YouTube. But even this giant had to be started someday, and it indeed did, with a video that was bizarre and well, posted by one of the co-founders, Jawed Karim by the username “Jawed”. It was titled “Me at the zoo”. The nineteen-second video was shot by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo, featuring Karim in front of the elephants in their old exhibit in Elephant Mesa, professing his interest in their “really, really, really long trunks”. Uploaded to YouTube at 8:27pm on Saturday April 23rd, 2005, it has had a total of 12,271,073 views!

9) World’s first sports car

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What even is sports car and how did a normal car make a journey from its normal, layman self to this category? According to experts, a sports car is a small, usually two-seater, two-door automobile designed for spirited performance (go formula 1!!) and nimble handling (swish, swish, screeeeeech!). The term “sports car” was used in The Times, London in 1919, for the very first time, and was coined after World War One. These raced in early rallies, such as the Herkomer Cup, Prinz-Heinrich-Fahrt (Prince Henry Tour), and Monte Carlo. The title of the first sports cars goes to the 3 litre 1910 Prince Henry (Prinz Heinrich) Vauxhall 20 hp (tax rating). Designed by L.H. Pomeroy, the Prince Henry Vauxhall featured a 3-liter engine that gave 60 hp at 2800 rpm, which is a very high performance for the said period of time with impressive reliability, and very modern (at the time) “torpedo” flush-bonnet coachwork. It is thus, the car that marked the start of journey from then till here. A long race indeed!

8) World’s first TV show

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Television is something, just like the internet, that is so potent and innate to our lives that it has the power to connect with the world or to simply get isolated from it and make us wonder about the past it must’ve claimed on its way to become one of the most basic need in our life. Who was indeed, the blessed one to watch the first-ever television show? And well, when was it actually aired or simple, what show was it?!?!? And to help you out, it was a show called The Man with the Flower in His Mouth that was first aired on television among other serials till date. It was based on a 1922 play by the Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello. A version was screened by the British Broadcasting Corporation as part of their experimental transmissions, so it wasn’t really normal spectators who watched it. The Man With the Flower in His Mouth was selected for use because of its short length of around half an hour, its limited cast of only three characters and its confined setting and it was aired live on the afternoon of 14 July, from a set at the Baird company’s headquarters, 133 Long Acre in London.

7) World’s first Smart Phone

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As Wikipedia says, a Smartphone is a mobile personal computer with a mobile operating system with features useful for mobile or handheld use, is typically pocket-sized and has the ability to place and receive voice/video calls and create and receive text messages, have personal digital assistants (such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby), an event calendar, a media player, video games, GPS navigation, digital camera and digital video camera. In short, it is indeed your second hand (and you don’t need Wikipedia to tell you all this, do you?) But it wasn’t always like this as before all this complexity, smartphones meant that the phones that can access the Internet through cellular frequencies or Wi-Fi and can run a variety of third-party software components (“apps” from places like Google Play Store or Apple App Store). The first ever smart phone was The Ericsson R380 (2000) by Ericsson Mobile Communications. First phone to qualify as a Smartphone, it combined the functions of a mobile phone and PDA, and supported limited Web browsing with a resistive touch screen utilizing a stylus, a huge market revolution at that time.

6) World’s first International Soccer tournament

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When FIFA president Jules Rimet decided to stage an international football tournament in 1930, the FIFA World Cup was first held in 1930. It was contested as a final tournament between only thirteen teams that were invited by the organization and the first match was between Scotland and England in 1872 in Glasgow (the sport was rarely played outside Great Britain). It took place precisely on 30 November 1872 at West of Scotland Cricket Club’s ground at Hamilton Crescent in Partick, making Scotland the hosting team. Despite of the novelty and inexperience of the players, the match finished in a 0–0 draw and was watched by 4,000 spectators. All the Scottish players were selected from Queen’s Park, the leading Scottish club at this time while the English side was selected from nine different clubs and was selected by Charles Alcock, who himself was unable to play due to injury. An amazing kick-start, I would say (do not judge the puns).

5) World’s first phone number

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Attending or making a phone call are two actions that are so common in our lives they seem to be as natural as breathing but there must’ve been a time that had people cry in excitement as they discovered that listening to your close ones didn’t require meeting them personally. That’s how we come to the first phone call ever made. As we know, the creator of the telephone was the Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell and indeed, he is also credited with speaking the first words by telephone on March 10, 1876 and very, very ironically, the words were very normal, contrasting the enormity of the situation- “Mr. Watson —Come here—I want to see you”. It was a simple summon call to his assistant sitting next door. It is weird to know that Bell didn’t have to dial a number: as of course, there were only two phone sets in the world at that time. After the call’s success, he wrote to his father about a future when “friends converse with each other without leaving home.” Seems unreal doesn’t it, as we can now even see them while talking to them. Bell’s groundbreaking invention began with an error, however. It was indeed a huge day in the world of science, despite of the fact that a translation error from German to English made Bell actually make this device!

4) World’s first Cosmetic Brand

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Right from basic cosmetics to protect yourself from the sun to weird products for even contouring your feet, make up is a necessary yet complex field that is beyond versatile now. There is a makeup tool for every need you can imagine and it makes us ponder over the fact that there must be a single bark for the various branches that started it all. The credit of making the first beauty products goes to Pond’s. The Pond’s cold cream used to be the staple of every woman’s beauty kit and it was the product to use to remove the entire day’s dirt every night. Pond’s cold cream started out as a treatment of cuts and burns and then the company went on to produce talcum powders and soaps, consolidating the business. The company was formed in 1846 by Mr. Theron T. Pond, who had discovered that witch Hazel, an ingredient in his cold cream, could heal small cuts and abrasions, making life easier for many men and women in the nineteenth century and it is a pity that the brand is dissolving into oblivion now.

3) World’s first concert

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Hands in the air, swaying with the beats, with each hum, chord resonating through your being, concerts are a place of sheer joy and reverie. But the first concert, no matter how much it fared well in the attendance, was a poor affair seeing the content of the concert. The Moondog Coronation Ball was indeed, the first ever rock ‘n’ roll concert that was held in Cleveland on March 21, 1952. Legendary DJ Alan Freed was the father of rock and roll and was a host of a radio show program and in 1951, he decided to sponsor three hours of late-night programming on Cleveland AM radio station WJW. This led to sudden increase in the popularity of the show bringing him to venture into a new territory- a live dance event that would play the music on a largest scale ever, or simply, a concert. With featured headliners like Paul Williams and his Hucklebuckers and Tiny Grimes and the Rocking Highlanders, 10,000 tickets were sold out within a day. But ticket counterfeiting led to more than 20,000 people turning up at the concert, causing a security crisis as they broke through the gates due to which the concert was stopped after just one song. It might be a failure but it was indeed a huge milestone in the history of music.

2) World’s first Bike

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Heinrich and Wilhelm Hidebrand, steam-engine engineers by day, are credited to build the first ever motorcycle as they teamed up with Alois Wolfmüller to produce their internal combustion Motorrad in Munich in 1894. We get an insight to the actual bike via their patent dated 20 January 1894, that tell that the bike had a 1,489 cc two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, with a bore and stroke of 90 mm × 117 mm and it produced 1.9 kW (2.5 bhp) at the rate of 240 rpm propelling a weight of 110 lb up to a maximum speed of 28 mph. The fuel-air mixture from the surface carburetor was regulated by a valve operated by controls on the handlebar. Despite of being the first, it wasn’t a major success as a high initial purchase price and fierce competition from improving designs (this model was entirely “run and jump” with neither clutch nor pedals), marred its growth.

1) World’s first Pizza

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We thought that the origins of the biggest necessity of the world, pizza, should be known to our precious readers. Pizza is something we fight for, or live for, or well, wake up in the lazy Sunday afternoon for. And to be honest, its origins are vague, as various ancient cultures produced flatbreads with toppings. But the main predecessor of pizza was probably the focaccia, and Pizza became Pizza after the toppings started including tomatoes, which were previously considered poisonous as they belong to the night shade family. This happened in Naples in 1785, and the dish gained popularity, and soon pizza became a tourist attraction as visitors to Naples ventured into the poorer areas of the city to try the local specialty. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba in Naples is widely regarded as the world’s first pizzeria. Modern Pizza was first introduced to the States, as per the first printed reference in 1904 article in The Boston Journal, when Giovanni and Gennaro Bruno came to America from Naples, Italy in 1903 to introduce the Neapolitan Pizza.

So now you know, how the first of the best things came into being and maybe, to make us realise the fact that inspiration to do anything hits us anytime, and it hits hard if we are conscious enough to pick out the hints wisely. Go ahead, make your own firsts!