10 Unexpected Perks To Becoming The Queen Of England

Your 9-5 job might provide you some benefits but if you’re looking for some serious extra benefits, you can’t do better than the Queen of England. Here are 10 perks of being the Queen of England, apart from, well, being the Queen of England.

10. Legal Ownership Over All Dolphins

(Source: BBC.com)

If a dolphin enters within a 3-mile boundary of the United Kingdom, it is legally the property of the queen. This law has been in existence since 1300. It states that not only dolphins but whales, porpoises but other animals that fall into the “fishes royal” category also belong to the queen. However, you can argue a little, as King Edward stated that only a king can demand an entire fish, you can keep the tail if a queen asked for it. So next time you capture a dolphin or a whale from the shore, don’t be surprised when Queen Elizabeth arrives with knives and forks.

9. Mandatory Gifts Of Goblets And Roses

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If you think you can call Queen Elizabeth over for a tea, you can’t just serve tea unless you want your property confiscated. According to the law, whenever the queen visits, it is mandatory to sound a 2 ft hunting horn made from an elephant’s tusk. Then the drinks have to be served in ivory goblets and she has to be invited to take them home. Once King George III visited the Marquis of Ailesbury and the horn was not blown. The king let him off with a warning but he could have confiscated his property. Apart from this, every lord has to give the queen roses whenever they see her.

8. A Staff Member Wears In The Queen’s New Shoes

(Source: Daily Mail)

Every girl knows the pain behind finally wearing those cute new shoes for the first time, right? Nuh-uh. The queen cannot relate. She has a person to walk around in new shoes so that her feet do not become sore or get bruised. Once the shoes are comfortable enough to step in, the queen wears them. Amongst other wardrobe related duties, she also has a team that ensures that she never repeats the same piece of clothing or accessories, twice for the same event.

7. The Queen Can Eat Swans

(Source: Wikipedia)

A British man named Hasan Fidan once saw a swan in a local park. He chased it, ripped its head off and took it home and placed it in the freezer. Everything was fine until the police showed up. No, they do not care about the rights of swans, they just consider swans to be too delicious to be devoured by common people. An 18th-century law states that only the queen can eat swans. The offenders are fined £110.

6. The Queen Can Commandeer Boats

(Source: Daily Mail)

If you’re Brtish and you own a yacht, the queen can quite simply take it and you have no authority to question her. Why? Because it’s the law. She has done it before. In 1982, a cruise ship company advertised that its luxury liner, Queen Elizabeth, was the greatest ship ever made. So the British government simply took it. They declared they needed the ship to invade the Falklands, saying that its “speed, size, and facilities made it uniquely suited” to carrying soldiers. Basically, they were lazy and could not make ships as good as the cruise liners so they found an easier way.

5. The Queen Does Not Require ID

(Source: Liverpool Echo)

Given all the queenly business, the Queen of England sure has to travel a lot. Nevertheless, she does not have a passport. Why? Because she does not need one. Not only passport, she does not have or need any other ID. This might be efficient but just think about what will happen if somebody came across a doppelganger of the queen. Since there are no IDs there won’t be any way to differentiate the fake from the real.

4. The Queen Can Demand Snowballs In The Summer

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The Fowlis family of Scotland was sold land from the monarchy centuries ago on the condition that if the monarchs of England wanted snow, they’d have to get it for them. The Fowlis actually own a mountain at the peak of which, there is snow, throughout the year. In 1746, the Duke of Cumberland came by the Fowlis property and demanded snow. The Fowlis family had to climb a mountain in mid summer just for the duke to cool his wine.

3. The Queen Can Veto Any Law

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Every time the Parliament passes a law, the Queen can veto it and bring the process to a halt if she wants to. In fact, she has done it once. In 1999, the Parliament passed a bill which would transfer the military powers from her to the parliament and she refused to sign. In simple words, you cannot make the queen any less powerful than she currently is because you’ll have to pass a bill for that and all she’ll have to do is veto it.

2. Laughter And Merriment Are Forbidden When She Dies

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The death of the queen is well planned in advance. When it happens all the programs that are being aired on BBC will be stopped a nothing funny will be shown on the networks. There already are numerous documentaries on the life of Queen Elzavetyhn stored in vaults which will be played when she dies. The station even has black ties and suits on hand at all times so that their anchors are ready to dress appropriately when they break the news. The Union Jack at the commonwealth games is also expected to be hoisted at half mast for 12 days.

1. The Queen Is Above The Law

(Source: Daily Mail)

British law has a clause that says that “civil and criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the sovereign” of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth, in other words, can’t be taken to court, no matter what she does. Other members of the royal family can earn criminal records but not the queen. In fact, the police aren’t even allowed to arrest other people when she is around. So, she doesn’t just have few powers, she is above the law.