10 weirdest addictions you did not know about

We all can relate to being told as a kid, how fatal alcohol, drugs and cigarettes could be. However, I’m sure our mothers did not know a thing about any of the following ten weird addictions, crazier than the mainstream substances!

10. Piercings

A majority of us have fancied multiple piercings at at least one point of time in life but taking the fancy to a whole new level is what additions are all about. The list of piercing options possible and available today is long, pushing some people to the level of intense and unusual modifications to their body.  Some of them even go to the level of forcefully enlarging their earlobe piercing out to fit in a disc, sometimes to the diameters of as big as two inches. The piercing addiction, especially in the west, has become so popular lately that it has traveled its way from obscurity to normalcy.

9. Hair Pulling

Also called as trichotillomania, the people who suffer from this bizarre addiction, cannot resist themselves from pulling the hair off from their scalp, eyebrows and even their lashes in a lot of cases. These people actually know what they are doing, they understand their action, they understand the consequences and are fully aware of the disorder but just cannot stop themselves from doing so. It is actually done by them so as to control an otherwise uncontrollable urge; but as bizarre as the ways of human bodies could be, it all comes down to getting addicted to an urge to control a formal uncontrollable urge.

8. Animal Hoarding

This essentially is a term used for the activity of housing an usually high number of animals as domestic pets, devoid of any proper care or house; and also denying the inability of being able to do so. This addiction, apart from being extremely dangerous for the pets who are forced to survive in such an environment, is also fatal for the person doing so because it often turns into a severe mental illness. You know the lines that dissolve and it’s already too late to realise? It is just that thin line that dissolves that makes a person go from an animal lover to an animal hoarder. An animal hoarder is often incapable of caring for his or herself, let alone other living creatures; the animals hoarded often accustom themselves in a manner that they find hiding spaces in the house where they multiply abnormally. For the worst part yet, when their end is near, they choose to die in a secret place where they can do so without being disturbed. So the animals die, the house smells of the rot and the hoarder still remains unaffected – an addiction so real, so insane.

7. Thirst for blood

Dracula’s existence tied to a mythical superstition is no more a superstition really. There have been legit cases that reported “vampirism,” an addiction wherein people literally stab, cut or chew into the human skin just so as to fulfil their desire of drinking human blood. The human digestive system actually does not accept the human blood as it runs a risk of iron overdose, leading to death. However, Julia Caples, a 45-year-old woman, has actually admitted to drinking about two litres of human blood, everyday, for the past thirty years. As gross as it may sound, it is for real.

6. Chewing on the used diapers

A woman called Keysha from New York has opened up about her addiction of smelling diapers.  The addiction intoxicates her more when the diapers are heavy and with more pee in it; more the pee, more she likes to smell it. The strange addiction as it maybe gets stranger on because she just doesn’t like to only sniff but also likes to chew on the diapers. She happens to have a  diaper almost everywhere she functions on a routine like in her drawers, in the kitchen cabinets, and even on the side tables of her bed. Well, not everybody hates the smell of the pee.

5. The smell of the dead

Do you remember the last garbage day when you forgot that the garbage needs to be packed and dumped? Do you also remember the ugly stink your room was in because you forgot something so essential? Well, beat this. There are cases that have been reported of people who are addicted to the smell of dead human bodies. A man called Luis Squarisi, a 42-year-old Brazilian, loved the smell so much so that he even quit his job so as to fulfil his addiction. Where are the people finding so many dead bodies to smell, now that remains a question.

4. Ice Cubes

Something that actually sounds too painful to be real is cracking on ice cubes. The last time I saw somebody chewing on a cube was when my friend gulped it down from her soda in McDonald’s and just watching her, my teeth started to hurt. However, there actually people that exist who are addicted to eating ice cubes so much so that they essentially need at least two every hour. The condition of the addictions in some few cases can also be related to medical conditions like that of iron deficiency; and those people actually stopped eating ice cubes once the deficiency was fulfilled. In other cases, though, the addiction is solely in the form of addiction, to just crack on the cube and feel satisfied with the painful crunch.

3. To looking like a barbie

Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukrainian model is obsessed and addicted to looking like a barbie doll. She is actually quite notable in the model industry because of her striking resemblance to that of a doll. However, the actual fact is that this woman has undergone various surgeries only to look like what she looks today – a life size Barbie doll. Now that’s some expensive addiction we’d say.

2. To cigarette ashes

A woman named Bianca takes things to a new level when it comes to eating addictions. Apart from her favourite cigarette ashes, she spends something like 150 hours per month eating broken pieces of what looks like terracotta, the material used to make pottery pieces. The strangest thing about her addiction is that she doesn’t even smoke, and actually is against the habit. All that she requires to feed herself is her sister’s addiction to smoking.

1.Romantic Rejection

Are you too used to being bro-zoned/ friend zoned? Have you even been there so many times that you don’t even bother yourself anymore? Watch out, you could be in trouble. As unbelievable and stupid it sounds, romantic rejection is something that people can become addicted to. People who constantly experience romantic rejection may actually become addicted to the pain and the anxiety, the distress that they happen to feel afterwards. This is an unhealthy addiction that could lead to further emotional, physiological, sexual and mental health problems.