10 hacks to make your life easier

Life is pretty hard on its own and most often than not, we make it harder for ourselves struggling to perfect the finest of things to no result than added annoyance – more of them, than not. Take note of these ten life hacks and make your life easier, better, happier.

10. Ice-cold water made easier

How often have you put water in the freezer to cool it and forgot to remove it from the storage until it was already frozen? Frozen water, no more anymore. Fill up a water bottle only halfway through and put it sideways into the freezer. Once frozen, you can just add normal water to it which defrosts the ice and also have perfectly cold water on the go.

9. “Running late” mornings no more

Are you a deep sleeper who sleeps past the bedtime, despite multiple alarms every day? Put your phone trio a glass each night, place it on your side table and wake up to amplified alarm tone. The alarm ring will be much louder and clearer, making it impossible to oversleep or ignore the wake-up call. You can, as well, put your phone or the alarm clock on the other side of the room, so you get up to turn off the alarm, thereby getting rid of the laziness.

8. Forget names no more

Every time somebody introduces themselves, make sure you call to their name immediately and shake hands with them. That way, your brain registers the person immediately and the chances of forgetting the name reduces.

7. Frozen butter spread made easier

Imagine being late for work and finding frozen butter in the fridge, making it impossible to be applied to the bread; haven’t we all been through that? Next time, use a cheese grater, grate the butter and use a knife to spread it around.

6. Holding the phone while watching movies no more

Are you sick of holding up the phone in your hands while watching movies? Pain no more. Take your glasses, place it on the table or the bed and there you have your makeshift stand. Or you can also use command clips as a stand for your tablet or anything bigger.

5. Difficult Christmas no more

When wrapping a bunch of presents for friends without a tape dispenser, we are sure you do not want to go through the struggle of cutting tape pieces. Just pull off a long length of tape, attach it to your work surface, and use scissors to add cuts at intervals of your choice. While packing, just pull off the strip one by one, and you’re good to go.

4. Struggling with eggs no more

If you are sick of finding stale eggs upon breaking the shell apart, you must also be sick of holding them up in your hands trying to assess its freshness. Easier way out, just place the eggs in a bowl of water and follow the picture above.

3.   Hold up no more

Do you want to refer to your rough paper draft while typing out your report? Or do you need to refer to notes while you’re working on a laptop? Re you also sick of holding up the paper in your hand after every few lines? Use one of those hangers with clips for pants and you can do both at the same time!

2. Ads no more

If there is anything more annoying than Candy Crush requests on Facebook, it is those ads that pop in when you actually accept the ads. Put your phone in the airplane mode (or turn off the data/wifi) next time when you play games; that will stop the ads from interfering and help you get rid of the pain.

1. Chewy pizza crust no more

Along with your pizza, put some water in a glass and then heat it up. The water will provide moisture to the pizza base and avoid it from getting chewy and rubbery when you eat.