Ten Most Underrated TV Shows you need to watch right now!

“Oh my God, I can’t wait for Game of Thrones, I have waited the entire year for this new season. The winter is finally coming!” I can bet my life, we all have that one friend who is annoyingly passionate about all the extremely famous TV shows. However, in a parallel universe that exists within out dear universe, for every GOT and Modern Family, there are a hundred of other shows desperately waiting to be watched and talked about. 

Here are, top ten shows which are extremely underrated and deserve your attention right now.

10. Black Mirror

Short weird stories, Black Mirror is a series that examines personal lives of commonplace people and how, the boon that the technology is, has manipulated the everyday behavior. Impressively told stories show the flip side of our modern society, the unanticipated consequences of the technology in an impactful, satirical manner.

9. Timeless

Have you every left your favorite piece of cake unattended in your hostel’s fridge? What happened to it? Ugh, it was eaten up. What happens if you leave a time machine unattended? Ugh, it will be stolen. around? Timeless is about a guy who steals a time machine and it all narrows down to an engineer, or a history professor, and a Delta Force soldier to stop him from changing the past. Will they be able to do it? GO WATCH.

8. The Last Man on Earth

A deadly virus has wept off the likes of the entire human race except for a lonely, terribly lonely guy called Phil Miller. Miserable Phil travels across the countries and oceans and continents hoping to find at least some other survivor. Just when he was about to kill himself for the good, he finds Carol, and despite being extremely annoyed with each other, they marry for re-population. Watch the three seasons, guys; you can thank me later.

7. Three Percent (3%)

A Brazilian dystopian thriller series, is set in a future where people are given a chance to go to the “better side” of a world. Towards the end of the eight-episode season one, in a world sharply divided between progress and devastation, only 3% of the candidates succeed. What happens next? Hmm, hmm, you know what I mean.

6. Insecure

Yes, this is a show. Nope, this is not how you feel about your self-proclaimed title of being a “binge watcher” four points into the list. Issa, an Afro-American model along with her friend Molly beautifully depict the “complexities that exist with blackness.” Follow the tribulations of a black woman, it is not an exemplary story but it is an everyday story of a regular woman from a perspective – I bet- you wouldn’t have imagined.

5. Queen Sugar

Three siblings with one of the sister’s teenage son move to Louisiana to claim the property of their freshly departed father – an 800-acre sugar farm- and not, uhm, the sugar you probably expected. The siblings, otherwise entangled in their own complicated lives, put everything else aside and one together to run the clan.

4. Love

The show that will make you laugh like a free spirit, weep like a baby and cringe like a woman on her periods, tells tales of pure, true romance and deep, dark desires. The show follows a couple through their intimacy, humiliations, and commitment they try their best to avoid. Smooth, excellent and perfectly directed – however, have you cared about anything other than Sheldon Cooper’s repetitive jokes?

3. Lady Dynamite

As promising as the name, this show really demands to be one of the hits but sadly got lost in the shadows of other popular series’. A stand-up comedian, Maria Bamford moves to Los Angeles after spending six months attempting to recover from Bipolar Disorder and chooses to recreate her life from scratch with the help of her agent Bruce. Does she succeed or not? Find it up for yourself, yo!

2. Life in Pieces

One of my favorites from the list, this series narrates the lives of three generations of a family as they approach their day by day lives in Los Angeles. Every episode is told in four stories – in pieces – finding life’s everyday absurdities; watch it and relate, you guys!

1. Drop Dead Diva

The arrangement spins around a dull trying model, “Deb” who loses to death in a car crash while in transit to an audition. As her spirit enters the doors of Heaven, she ends up being judged by a guard named Fred. Because of her shallowness, Fred pronounces her a “zero-zero,” since she has performed zero great deeds and zero awful deeds amid her time on Earth. The show has made rounds and concluded in 2014 with a total of six seasons!