10 Mythical Creatures That Were Once A Part Of Reality

The World is full of mysteries that get discovered by us from time to time. Throughout the years we have heard about various myths and theories.  These theories made us speculate the existence of creatures that could have caused havoc if they still existed. Not all of those discoveries or findings made sense, but the ones that did prove out to be true left us shocked. Here are 10 creatures that if still did rounds of the Earth, we wouldn’t be living the life we do.

10. The Odyssey

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We have grown up hearing the stories of various mythical creatures; one common is the multi-headed monster or beast. The monster we got petrified of in our childhoods did exist. A multi headed sea monster, the odyssey was every sailing ships nightmare. It has been well known for sucking up an entire ship, with the crew of course.

9. Hobbits

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Skeletal remains of a 3 ft tall human like being were found along with a skull that resembled what we today very well know as the hobbit. These remains got found during excavation on an Indonesian island of limestone caves. There were nine such remains found out of which the youngest was 12,000 years old. They are of completely different species whose ancestors were the Neanderthals. Primitive tools were also found that showed signs of early civilization.

8. Berserkers

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Who would have thought of using drugs to good use? Well, the Berserkers were the first warriors to use drugs to their advantage while fighting for wars. They used these drugs to go numb so they couldn’t feel any pain. Most people know them as powerful game characters. They were powerful and did achieve superhuman strengths with the usage of drugs. This truth was unheard of.

7. The Dire Wolf

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Immensely larger with sharper teeth and stronger than the regular wolves, that was a Dire wolf. The Dire wolf is seen as a popular mythical creature mostly mentioned in stories and in the popular series ‘The Game of Thrones’. These wolves stood beside the humans in the olden era but because of their size, they started facing a shortage of food. This led to them searching for alternatives and then slow deaths, this pattern continued and eventually, they were extinct.

6. Moby Dick 

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The tale of Moby Dick has been doing rounds for years now. The Moby Dick’s name derived from giant sperm whale the Mocha Dick. The white whale got the name mocha because of its closeness to the island Mocha. It was this whale that became the central character of the novel, ‘The Moby Dick’. The whale that was first spotted in 1810 Ad has crushed down 1000’s of ships. Some of these remains can be found at the bottom of the sea. Captain Pollard on several occasions tried slaying his arch nemesis but only to fail every time. The sightings and whereabouts were no more to be seen or heard.

5. Dragons

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Dragon tales, movies, and cartoons have been a favorite of many people thought they would never believe the existence of one. There are several reptiles that lead to the speculation of the existence of the dragon, most prominently the Megalania or the Komodo. Though the Megalania had a very poisonous venom and were very big in shape and size there are no speculations about breathing fire. Scientists have come to think of the theory that the fire could mean the lava like venom these reptiles attacked their victims with that could melt the skin.

4. Amazonian

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Wonder woman was an Amazonian, though wonder woman is an imaginary character, the Amazonians weren’t. They were a group of women warriors who escaped their captors. They were fierce, strong and beautiful as per the theory that surrounded them. We would like to believe theories about their existence, some real facts and evidence would prove more convincing. Ancient earth in the Eurasian steppe, when unearthed, revealed remains of women with torn ligaments and weapons buried with them. These were no ordinary women, they were strong, very strong which is why after several battles with the Scythians they were also married to them. The Scythians married them because of the strength they possessed which was not found in the women of those times.

3. Tower of Babel

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Theoretically known as a temple which was destroyed by Alexander the Great, the tower was known to be surrounded by habitats who just spoke gibberish. Unlike the hanging gardens, this tower actually existed as per archaeological discoveries and evidence. Scientists never partake interest in supernatural or religious matters so there are not many facts or evidence that can be found. Situated in the land of Shinar, the people of the tower wished to be closer to God and thus built this huge structure to live in.

2. The Kraken

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A recently spotted colossal squid has become a key to unlocking the mysteries and theories revolving around The Kraken. The Kraken is the name given to a sea monster that looks like a giant squid. Giant squids are huge but nowhere close to a Kraken. A Kraken can easily wreck a ship and break it into two. When the colossal squid that was nearly 46 ft huge was spotted, it was easy to spot the difference from the general giant squid. This creature had extremely long limbs that were lined with hooks, these hooks could easily slice and cut bodies into pieces.

1. Natural Art

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Mythical creatures might not be easy to spot anymore but we have an even bigger picture to have a look at. The nature we have grown up in and surrounded by is the most mythical and magical thing around us. The things that nature possibly does and can do is shocking as it is so why not take some time out from our busy lives and discover some beauty of this nature.

These scary and enchanting creatures if were a part of this world in today’s time, could we have existed as we do. Are there some creatures still around that we might not have come across. Could there be some activities going on in the ocean that we are completely unaware of on land? Well, only time will tell. Till then let’s hope some mysteries remain mysterious.