10 greatest unsolved mysteries of the world

The mankind and the world has reached a level of such advancement that it is almost impossible to believe that there existed a time like the stone age. Over the years and ages we have all discovered a lot and found a lot, however, now here goes your bang; ten greatest unsolved mysteries of the world.

10. Kryptos

Right outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, a statue can be found that spots coded encryptions on its surface. Jim Sanborn had created the structure to prove that everything can be decoded with the use of patterns and clues. However, of the four inscription sections, only the first three have been cracked so far. Even the most brilliant minds of the world have not been able to finish the fourth one till date.

 9. Bigfoot

Bigfoot, otherwise called Sasquatch, as far as anyone knows is an animal that lives in the blanketed rocky areas of the United States and Canada. It might be distinguished as a gorilla at the first glance but the way it walks and stroll, the creature can be contrasted with that of a man’s body. What is it actually? Mystery, mystery!

 8. Wow!

Jerry R. Ehman, in 1977, worked under the SETI Project of the Ohio Wesleyan University’s Perkins Observatory, happened to receive a radio recurrence originating from profound space. Right until the date, nobody has a concrete explanation of the 72 second signal from the constellation Sagittarius and was never received ever again. It derived its name from the “wow!” that Jerry wrote in the margin of the printout.

7. The death of Lal Bahadur Shastri

The death of a minister who left India healthy is still unsolved. Claims relate his demise to heart attack, but the doctors who happened to check his body confirmed that he was all okay. His wife accused that the Tashkent Pact, upon signature, gave the chance for him to be poisoned but since a post-mortem diagnosis never happened, the answers are already in the grave.

6. The Mackenzie Poltergeist

One of the top names that click when taking the City of the Dead tour within the Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, this place gives me chills. Everybody who has ever joined the tour has experienced bruises, scratches, and some even faint as they enter to see the Black Mausoleum where Sir George Mackenzie lies.

5. MH370

Not long ago, the aircraft that has cost a lot to Malaysian Airlines in terms of its reputation, vanished without a trace while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. No natural distresses or those from the cockpit were recorded before the plane disappeared from radar screens. A massive search operation was initiated over the Indian Ocean, but the Boeing 777 was never found and even till date, not a single piece of debris from MH370 has turned up. All 239 people on board are presumed dead.

4. Siberian Sinkhole

A 115-foot hole was discovered in Siberia’s Yamal peninsula, after an unexplained explosion in July, followed by two other mysterious sinkholes in Northern Russia soon after. Gas explosions from beneath the Earth have been blamed, but the scientists have not been able to confirm their theory. Siberian Sinkhole means “end of the world” in the language of the native inhabitants.

 3. Taos Hum

In Taos, a small town in New Mexico, a certain buzz is often heard on the horizon that can be related to the sound of a diesel engine. The noise that can be heard by the naked ear has never been able to be picked up by sound detection devices are not able to pick it up. Known as the Taos Hum, it is still one of the biggest mysteries nobody has been able to find the source of.

 2. Lady Dias

An accent body in China was found which is arguably the most well-preserved body till now. The skin of the mummy is still soft like that of a living being and her arms and legs flex at the joints. The body is claimed to be about two thousand years old, known as Lady Dias’ who possibly died of a heart attack between 178 and 145 BC at the age of around 50. It was preserved in a wonder liquid that the scientist have still not been able to reproduce.

 1. Green Children

My favourite of the lot, the legend of the green children of Woolpit is about a boy and a girl of green skin colour who appeared in the village of Woolpit, England, in the 12th century. The kids, except for their colour, were of general appearance, spoke an unknown language, and would only eat raw broad beans. The duo eventually learned English and ate other food but the boy died soon after they both were baptised. As the girl learnt English, she explained that she and her brother came from an underground homeland of Saint Martin’s Land, a world inhabited by green people and where it was always twilight!