10 Allegedly Cursed Objects

Whenever we hear ‘cursed’, the words ‘superstitions’ and ‘bad luck’ pop in our head. We start thinking about stuff like black cats, Fridays the 13th but this list isn’t any of those things. These are objects which were reported to be cursed and caused loss of property and even life when found. ( Sorry, no Annabelle.)

10. The Hope Diamond

(Source: Flickr)

The 45.52-carat diamond is quite famous due to its rare blue color. Originally, the diamond was much larger and was bought by French merchants from a trader in India. They then sold it to King Louis XIV from whom it was stolen. Afte being stolen, the diamond was re-cut further and the largest part was named ‘Hope.’ King Louis was killed by the French mob and many other terrible things happened with people who had worn the diamond. One was ripped apart by dogs, one committed suicide and one was tortured. It may have been a coincidence but journalists alleged the ‘Hope’ diamond to be cursed to add to its market value.

9. The Busby Stoop Chair

(Source: Strange Strange Strange)

Busby Stoop was an English drunkard who owned the Busby Stoop Inn. After his death, several dark incidents happened at the Inn. The most disturbing ones being a guy beaten to his death and one hanged till he choked. There was no logical explanation and the only link between the victims was that they sat on a chair in the corner. The chair was alleged to be cursed and anybody who sat in it died a terrible death. The Busby Stoop Chair was given to the Thirsk museum in 1978, where they kept it on a high wall so nobody accidentally sat on it.

8. The Crying Boy Painting

(Source: Exemplore)

‘The Crying Boy’ is a painting by the English painter, Bruno Amadio. On September 4, 1985, a fire was reported in a couple’s house. The firemen later found that everything was burnt except the painting. Several other fires were reported which left nothing unburnt except the mourning boy’s painting. Given the incidents, the word ‘cursed’ was added to the lore about the painting.

7. The Hands Resist Him Painting

(Source: Oddee)

Painted by the California artist Bill Stoneham in 1972, ‘The Hands Resist Him’ is a painting of a boy and a doll standing near a window. It belonged to actor John Marley. After his death, it was put on eBay for sale. The young daughter of the buyer claimed that the boy and the doll in the painting had moved, that very night. Also, they came out of the frame. They put the painting up for sale again, this time adding that it was cursed. The bid for it went up by several thousand dollars after it was tagged cursed.

6. The Terracotta Army

(Source: Oddee)

Seven peasants in China were digging up a well for their farms in 1974 when they accidentally uncovered a sculptured army of 8000 terracotta soldiers. However, the people who discovered the army, though accidentally, gained only misery. The government took their lands and then 3 of them died of diseases as they couldn’t afford healthcare. Many people believe that it was the government’s fault while others say it’s a curse similar to that of King Tut.

5. Tut’s Tomb

(Source: PBS)

The Tomb of Tutankhamun was not advised to enter into due to the curse of pharaohs. Howard Carter lead the expedition to discover Tut’s tomb. His financial advisor died of a mosquito bite and around 20 other people died due to minor causes. Many believed that it was the course of pharaohs in action. A rational explanation would be that the tomb was covered with some quick spreading virus.

4. Iceman

(Source: PBS)

Known as Iceman and nick named Otzi, he was believed to have live around 5300 years ago. It was concluded that he died of exposure and later, a glacier surrounded him. However, when the corpse was uprooted, people linked with the event began to die in unusual accidents. The mountaineer who had discovered the corpse died in a hiking accident. In fact, forensic pathologist Rainer Henn who was killed in a car accident en route to giving a speech about the Iceman

3. James Dean’s Little Bastard

(Source: Jalopnik)

James Dean called his Porsche 550 Spyder, ‘Little Bastard.’ After he died, a mechanic brought it to sell its parts. While working, the car fell on one of the mechanics and crushed his legs. It was believed that just like the parts of the car, the curse spread. A doctor brought its engine and died in a car crash, same with the buyers who had purchased the tiers. Its shell was being transported in a truck but an accident happened there too, which killed the truck driver. The shell was stolen and its current location isn’t known.

2. The Phone Number +359 888 888 888

(Source; Mundo)

The number was first issued to a Bulgarian CEO who died of cancer at the age of 48. After him, there was a mafia boss and a cocaine dealer, both of them were gunned down in unusual manners. These might be co incidents but what makes it suspicious is that the company has banned the phone number. When asked about it, they refuse to say why.

1. The Bassano Vase

(Source: Cursed Collectibles)

It was a gift to a bride on her wedding day in the 15th century. However, she was murdered with the silver vase in her hands and never made it to the altar. Her family boxed away the vase with a note ‘Beware, this vase brings death.’ It resurfaced in 1988 and was put for auction without any mention of the note in description. A pharmacist bought it and died within months. Three more deaths of later owners were reported soon after.