10 crazy things even science can’t explain

Ever had a question about absolutely anything happening around you and suddenly your science teacher, your parents, the hot old girl next door or simply your own favorite search engine nod unanimously saying- science is the answer my love? Pretty sure your childhood went that way (or else you were lazy and too engrossed in video games). But what if the truth that is the basis of your entire childhood is a lie and well, some things- BIG THINGS- exist in the world that even science cannot explain? Let’s shake the foundation of your childhood point by point as we take you through ten entities that even science can’t explain.

10) The End

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Remember the 2012 uproar, where the world was supposed to come to an end? Of course you do. You might not think twice about the lunatic holding the “Repent, the world is dying”, but the explorers of science are in misery trying to decipher when and how will the world come to an end- or well, simply, the lifetime of the universe. But theories still exist, the two most significant and yet opposing ones being- the Big Crunch and the Big Rip. Sunk your heart, the names, didn’t they? The big crunch is the opposite of the Big Bang – all of the pieces of matter in the universe will stop accelerating away from each other and start accelerating toward each other, causing a massive, boiling explosion due to collision. On the other hand, The Big Rip is where all of the pieces of matter in the universe continue to accelerate away from each other, at accelerated speeds until eventually space-time continuum moves so fast that it rips atoms apart. The theories are opposed and supported by many more but the question is- will we ever have any warning?

9) Charge Clusters

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It is a phenomenon where billions of electrons can “stick together” in close proximity, under certain conditions. But are we forgetting what was taught in elementary physics? Like repel, unlike attract and this phenomenon clearly defies the law of electromagnetism. Charge clusters are small, one millionth of a meter in diameter, and are composed of tens or hundreds of billions of electrons. They should fly apart at enormous speed, but they do not, as they hold together despite of the forces we are told that repel the charges from their own likes. This indicates that our laws of electromagnetism are missing something important, or maybe, they never help up in the first place!

8) Ghosts

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Ghosts, as we all very well know, are the most famous paradox even in the modern world. Right from centuries before till now, the presence of the supernatural is the most debated topic among people. Now, even highly famed scientists claim that ghosts do exist as modern scientific ghost hunters use magnetic, electrical, optical and thermal sensors when they survey supposedly haunted sites and the readings of such instruments indicate abnormalities to some entirely new level. They have shown that unusual magnetic fields and strong voltages also occur in these same haunted locations where people sometimes claim to experience a gloomy chill and these are further supported by unusual orbs that have been photographed at the same time that magnetic and electrical disturbances are measured. The biggest anomaly of all this? Conventional science could never explain it, neither centuries back, nor now.

7) Cold Fusion

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Let us first understand what The Cold Fusion actually is. It is a famous phenomenon that violates physics as we understand it, and yet it has been duplicated in various forms in over 500 laboratories around the world. It involves a hypothesized type of nuclear reaction that would occur at, or near, room temperature. It requires two electrodes submerged in a solution containing palladium and heavy water. Recent studies by the Electric Power Research Institute found that Cold Fusion works. A recent Navy study also verified the reality of Cold Fusion, and the original MIT study which supposedly disproved Cold Fusion has been found to have doctored its data. But the question comes- how is it possible? What are the basics of it? There are no theories as to how it happens, process by process, just that it happens, as per more than 1000s of scientist who have performed it.

6) The Big and the Small

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Your apartment, the city, the States, the entire Earth and oh hell, the biggest of them all like stars and black holes, are made up of small things: particles or atoms. And these big and small things still have differences in theories governing them, as Einstein’s laws of relativity govern the very big, while quantum mechanics revolves around the very small. These two differ so immensely because gravity just doesn’t appear to work on the nanoscopic scale while bizarre quantum effects, like quantum tunneling (when an atom can “tunnel” through an otherwise impenetrable boundary), can’t be applied to planets or stars. You will be left aghast (or dead) if the Moon suddenly “tunneled” through the Earth. And scientists’ today struggle between the unification of the big and small, seeing the big won’t survive if the small doesn’t integrate. Puzzling, isn’t it?

5) Dark energy

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It’s just an entity we know exists but can’t explain it as we have never witnessed it for all our sensory organs can’t even sense it. But surely, it can be tested, which is why we know it is there and thus, scientists say that it makes up 70% of the universe and is “assumed” to explain why galaxies don’t just drift apart but instead accelerate away from each other as we can take the dark energy as a repulsive gravity (anti-gravity) that pushes matter apart. Dark energy has been said to cause the expansion of the Universe, though there is still a considerable amount of mystery regarding its many properties that science cannot explain. For a start, what constitutes it; is it constant, or are there fluctuations throughout the expanse of space that might be causing expansions (or explosions) somewhere? Does the fact the dark energy’s density matches the one of regular energy mean something? Can dark energy be reconciled with Einstein’s theory of gravity, or does the theory need to be re-evaluated or well, disposed of entirely? It will all be a mystery that is putting thousands of scientists down on their knees.

4) Where is everyone?

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Have you thought the same phrase that everyone once thinks in their life- how small will I look from the outside of this earth? Well, the Universe that has been observed by scientists is around 92 billion light-years in diameter, filled with billions of galaxies like ours, yet the only evidence of any life anywhere is right here on Earth, a small trinket of this vast abyss the universe is. Hence, the odds of us actually being the only living beings in the Universe are impossibly low. So why haven’t we connected with anyone else yet? This phenomena is known as the Fermi Paradox, and there have been dozens of suggestions to explain why we haven’t encountered extraterrestrial life; some more conceivable than others, yet no firm reasons have been registered yet, making it a blatant challenge right in the face of Science.

3) The law of gravity

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The law of gravity has many gaping holes that are ruining the peace of the mad scientists. One example is the conundrum that presented itself when experiments by Saxl and Allais found that Foucault pendulums veer off in strange directions during solar eclipses and Interplanetary NASA satellites are showing persistent errors in trajectory despite of presence of earth’s gravity but neither of these abides by the standard theory of gravity known as Einstein’s General Relativity. In fact, other basic facts about gravity are still unexplained like- why does gravity exists? Why are atoms mostly empty space? Why is the force that holds atoms together different from gravity? Is gravity actually a particle? The questions are endless and physics that we know of is rendered useless in front of these.

2) Out-Of-Body Experience

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OBEs involves a feeling of floating outside one’s body and can be induced by brain traumas, sensory deprivation, near-death experiences, dissociative and psychedelic drugs, dehydration, sleep, and electrical stimulation of the brain, among others. It can also be deliberately induced by some. They are common and have been experienced by many as one in ten people have an OBE once or more commonly, several times in their life. The real time nail biter shows itself when experiments have been performed show that during some out-of-body experiences, the “astral body” or centre of consciousness of the individual can be detected at remote locations, miles away from the actual location of the body. When individuals go “out of body” and focus their consciousness at another location, physical disturbances have been measured at that remote location. These include anomalous light, electrical, magnetic and other physical forces which indicate the “astral body” sometimes has physically measurable properties. But no experiment ever has documented the actual movement or “rising up” of the body. Can this even explain ghosts?

1) How did life begin?

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“Was it the egg or the hen, which came to the Earth first?” A fair idea as to when life started on earth is still guessed by the scientists, but the absence of facts that might shed light on the basics of the formation of life are still a huge cause of distress of the scientists. Where did life on Earth come from? How did it happen? The Primordial Soup model says that a nutrient-rich early Earth eventually formed increasingly-complex molecules that gave rise to life. Other models also give variable levels of importance to the presence of lightning or volcanic activity for the spawn of life. While DNA is the intrinsic basis for life on Earth now, it has been suggested that RNA or other nucleic acids aside from RNA or DNA may have once existed, that gave rise to the cave-men and the dinosaurs, and their absence today is the reason behind the extinction of our ancestral species. Did life spawn just once, or is it possible that is was created, wiped out, and then restarted? Were there people like us, anticipating the Doomsday as they were wiped off the face of the Earth? Some believe in Panspermia, in which microbial life was brought to Earth via meteorites or comets. Even if that is true, it doesn’t answer the question of how that life originated, rather simple gives us more questions to ask about the origins of those comets making us wonder whether there exists a world, just like us? Questions and questions.
We told you about day to day, in fact, ongoing phenomena that are changing the face of the earth and us, within us, so fast that the scientists are having a hard time letting their hair stay on their heads. It makes us wonder about the many processes that might be happening today too but conventional science is just not ready to face it yet. enigmas that have evaded the most eminent minds the world has ever known, indeed!