10 Disney Characters With Serious Mental Disorders

We all are so overwhelmed by Disney movies that we often overlook some serious issues. Here’s a list of 10 Disney characters who had severe mental disorders to which we never paid attention.

10. Hades and Intermittent Explosive Disorder 

The king of the underworld is well aware of his temper but is, however, unable to control it. Just because of causing a little embarrassment, he wanted to have Hercules killed. He overreacts to minor situations quite violently without any warning signs which hints towards him suffering from Intermittent Explosive Disorder

9. Alice and Schizophrenia 

Schizophrenia is a long-term mental condition where a person cannot differentiate between fantasy, delusion, and reality which results in faulty perception and mental fragmentation. We loved all the fantasy world characters of Wonderland but Alice definitely needed some mental help.

8. Gaston and Narcissistic Personality Disorder 

Gaston from Beauty and The Beast definitely suffered from NPD as he thinks of himself as the strongest and most admired man in the world. His song in the movie is nothing but three minutes of continuous bluffing. The key symptom of NPD is a high sense of self and little respect for others. Something not as serious as NPD, he is also a liar. Nobody can eat 4 dozens of eggs in one sitting!

7. Ariel and Hoarding 

Hoarding is the accumulation of useless items and Ariel is seen doing that. A lot. Her obsession with collecting useless things even resulted in problems in her relations with the family. She tried her best to justify her actions but her attempts weren’t really good. Like really, Ariel? Who uses a fork to comb their hair?

6. Jack Sparrow and Alcohol Use Disorder

How often have we seen Jack Sparrow without holding rum? Well, pirating can be difficult but that doesn’t really justify the overuse of alcohol. He often throws a tantrum when he is out of booze. We all liked drunk Jack Sparrow but there’s no denying the fact that he had a disorder.

5. Cruella Devil and Psychopathy

The classic Disney villain from 101 Dalmations is, amongst other things, also a psychopath. The checklist of symptoms of psychopathy includes superficial charm, inflated value of self-worth, lack of empathy and being manipulative. Cruella is just a perfect fit for the list. That’s no surprise as no mentally stable person would harm puppies. Puppies are to be cuddled Cruella, not killed and skinned!

4. Scar and Anti-Social Personality Disorder

We apologize for bringing back memories of Mufasa’s death. Now focussing on Scar, he was suffering from antisocial personality disorder as he shows almost all the symptoms which include manipulating others, having no sense of guilt or remorse, inability to control anger and inability in maintaining healthy relationships.

3. Elsa and Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a mental condition where one extremely fears being trapped, unknown places, unknown people and being embarrassed. And Elsa from Frozen was definitely suffering from it. She has never been seen outside her castle and is extremely nervous when the very people she rules, try to talk to her. Nevertheless, Elsa is still hair goals!

2. Captain Hook and Herpetophobia 

Herpetophobia is the fear of reptiles. We’ve seen Captain Hook jump up and get all anxious even at the mention of crocodiles after he once had an encounter with one. We’re not saying that normal people go snuggling a crocodile whenever they see it but they also aren’t under the fear of being attacked by one 24*7.

1. Rapunzel and Stockholm Syndrome 

Does the idea of being held captive in a tower and having no control over your life sound appealing to you? Neither to us. Apparently, to Rapunzel it did and she also justified Gothel’s actions. Justifying your captor’s actions and liking staying captive is a symptom of the Stockholm Syndrome. Rapunzel really owed a lot to Flynn!