10 craziest things bought by billionaires just because they could

Ever since the idea of the classes of economy came around, there always have been people who have gone out of their way to buy things that we think money can’t buy. No we are not talking about abstracts like love and happiness but these billionaires were surely very happy after buying  the most absurd items and why shouldn’t they be seeing the fact that they spent millions on these things. So here we are with a list of the 10 craziest things billionaires ever bought- right from lavish yachts to private planes to even dead sharks- we have it all!

10. Elvis Presley´s lock of hair

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 Yea, The King, even 40 years after his death, has still got it as a lock of Elvis Presley’s hair was sold for $115,000! His old barber who goes by the name of Homer Gill Gilleland made use of the locks of the singer´s hair after Presley´s death, as he started to sell them. In November 2002, one of the locks was sold for $115,000 at an online auction, which is more monetary value than hair from John Lennon ($48,000), John F. Kennedy ($3,000) and Beethoven ($7,300) combined. MastroNet Inc, the Oak Brook, Ill. company behind the Internet auction of such macabre memorabilia, is thus very successful in cashing in the singer’s hair, that were his third best asset after his lively voice and infectious moves.

9. Dog Collars

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People would just go miles and miles for their pets, but a mile so high that it costs you millions is a walk for the dog tad too extravagant, don’t you think? We are talking about something that every owner needs for their dog is a collar, so that they can properly leash it when outside, and for other people to identify it if the dog ever gets lost; this goes for billionaire dog owners too as The Armour, Amour Dog Collar (pictured) turned out to be the most expensive dog collar- yes you read it right. The collar itself is made from crocodile leather, but what really makes it expensive is the fact that it comes with 1,600 diamonds which includes a 7-carat centrepiece, all of which are set in white gold.

8. An Entire Skyscraper

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 This would seem tolerable seeing the fact that the Empire State building was once stolen (you didn’t know did you?). But your world will come to a standstill when you know how much this sky scraper actually cost- a whopping 1 billion dollars. Thinking about the ever increasing value of land property, the billionaire Mukesh Ambani made a sky-scraper as his HOUSE and not just a sky-scraper, a staggering 27-floored one at that! Called the Antilia, is located in Mumbai, India, and costs $2 Billion now. This skyscraper, which employs around 600 people, required 1 billion dollars to construct, which sounds like an unimaginable amount of money to spend on property, but luckily for Ambani he has a net worth of over 21 billion dollars, so he remains pretty financially balanced.

7. A Pair of Heels

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 You must think that Stuart Weitzman shoes are so expensive that you’ll rather buy a castle instead of those, but these sandals will leave you reeling in shock as we are talking about heels by Christopher Michael Shellis, that cost nearly 220,000 dollars a pair and well, the reason why they are so expensive is because they are made from solid gold and come with 2,200 diamonds that are valued at 30-carats (of course there are diamonds on the things we use to walk on the floor). Having been on sale for 5 months now, this pair of Christopher Michael Shellis heels has yet to be purchased by anyone, with an expected audience of those that are out of their minds and/or obscenely rich and for this, they will be displayed at the Mailbox Exhibition in Birmingham- so you can go see the shoes worth of a sports car!

6. A Yacht

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 After a few unusual items on the list, a transportation item was inevitable. Yachts have been a label of the rich and the prospered since long, and sometimes they are merely boats used for fishing and travel hobbies like fishing and sailing, or as vacation and party vessels. But for the world’s wealthiest individuals though, normal acquirement cost is usually not an issue, which is why they have no problem spending loads of money for large, luxurious and incredibly expensive yachts. One such yacht belongs to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who paid around 72.3 million dollars for his vessel, which he promptly named The Oasis. This yacht in particular can house up to 19 people, and it comes with its own pool, helipad and gym, that can be converted into a disco. It can also be chartered at a heart-wrenching price of $433,000 a week and measuring in at 60 meters; Oasis can cater for a maximum of 12 guests at any one time. So yep, that’s how Schmidt manages the upkeep cost.

5. A Shark

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 A what now? YES, a shark! And that to a dead one! Sharks are much smaller now than they used to be millions of years ago, but there are still certain species that still grow to be pretty large in size, as we can see in many parts of the world where dead sharks wash up at the shore, sadly. But this time the size of the shark made a billionaire spend millions on it. In 2007, a tiger shark known exactly for its massive size, was bought by a hedge fund manager named Steven Cohen, who has a net worth of over 12 billion dollars, and the fact that makes this entry this high on the list is the one that says that shark was already dead so it can’t even qualify as a pet as he bought the body of an already dead tiger shark which measured 14 feet long. In order to prevent decay, the body of this shark is kept inside of a tank of alcohol, which is understood as the body’s existence has to be prolonged as Cohen paid 8 million dollars for it!

4. Ian Usher´s life

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 Now we give up, now we say-how even? Can a man’s life be actually sold? If yes, can we buy the life of Prince Harry or maybe Bill Gates? To answer your question-Ian Usher´s life was put in an auction in 2008. Ian Usher, born 25 July 1963, is an English traveller, author and public speaker. After a heartbreaking divorce, the Australian was so sick of his life so he decided to start over and sell his old life including all his possession, house and even his job in an auction. After an unknown bidder bought his life for more than $300,000, Usher used the money to purchase a deserted island in the Caribbean where he has been living a happy life since then. But why would anyone even do that? How does the selling of a job even work- it basically means giving money to earn money! Billionaires and their love for the quirk, I tell you.

3. Haircut 

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 This might not be a very expensive purchase but it is so shocking seeing the fact that thousands of dollars were spent on just a normal haircut- yes, that we get for just $50! Hassanal Bolkiah is the infamous Sultan of Brunei and also the proud recipient of what has to be the most expensive haircut, probably ever which cost him $19,000 USD. He had to fly one very lucky barber, Ken Modestou from the salon of Dorchester Hotel, London to Brunei, that’s around 7,000 miles just for a quick scissor dance but we suppose when they have enough money for it, why not! He goes so far as to pay for the barber’s accommodation to make sure the man won’t be infected with any type of disease, talk about over the top safety!

2. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Personal Journal 

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 Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most brilliant scientists and philosophers of all time so this entry can just qualify for all the money in the world- emphasis on “just”. Bill Gates is one of the most well-known billionaires (richest at some time too) in the world. From his charitable endeavours to inventing Microsoft, Gates has contributed a lot of good to the world. So, as a sort of reward for himself during the 90’s Gates threw around $30M on Leonardo Da Vinci’s personal journal. The journal which is actually called Codex Leicester has been shown in certain museums over the last few decades and provided an insight into the famous polymath’s thoughts regarding the Sun, Moon and Earth. That is one pricey diary Gates, one pricey diary! But maybe one genius tried appreciating the other this way?

1. A Private Jet

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Isn’t it a given fact that a private jet makes the top of the list- like a poetic justice. The fastest method of transportation is an air plane and the one that will make it all time accessible is- the best friend of the richest- he private jet. Many billionaires do in fact have their own private jet, and Russian Billionaire Alisher Usmanov has one of the largest and most expensive jets in the world. Usmanov bought an Airbus A340-300, which is the largest private jet in Russia and Europe, and he had to pay a hefty penny for it, as this Airbus is currently valued between 350-500 million dollars. Besides the spectacular and luxurious exterior paint job, the plane carries the name “Bourkhan” after Alisher Ashmanov’s father. It is the largest private plane in Russia, even bigger than the President Vladimir Putin’s Ilyushin Il-96 (how is even Putin being sane about this!).

 We saw how a billionaire is ready to buy anything and everything merely to boost their status, make even more profit, or well, just because they can. and things like that always make you wonder how best you can spend what yo get- invest in land and automobiles- or simply buying room full of fandom collectibles, I mean, the sword of Gryffindor is worth this, ain’t it?