10 Science Facts You Didn’t Learn In School

We all had to take those mandatory science classes in school and some of us kept wondering if there was anything interesting other than what was being taught. Turns out, school skipped out some quite fascinating facts and here’s a list of some of them.

10. Flying Balls

You might not have tried it if you’re not into sports but here’s a little fact; when you throw a ball, it just drops, but when you add a spin and throw a ball, it ends up flying through the air. This is known as the Magnus effect and is the reason why tennis and soccer balls fly, and why swing bowling in cricket works.

9. Grenade Survival

If you encounter a grenade explosion and jump into water, you decrease your chances of survival. The reason? Air is compressible and water is not. Being in the impact area of an exploding grenade underwater will crush your lungs.

8. No Glasses? No Problem

This one is practically a life hack. If you forgot your glasses at home or one of your contacts fell off, you’re not totally screwed. Just make a pinhole with your hands and tada! Everything is clear again. By making a pinhole you control the amount of light entering your eyes and that is what the magic of vision is all about. We strongly recommend to not do this while driving though.

7. Exploding Whales

It is human tendency to poke around even when they have no knowledge of what the consequences of that might be. Well, you just should not do that around dead whales. When whales die, their bodies fill up with methane and other gases and can explode when poked against. So, next time you see a dead whale just stay clear.

6. Raining Diamonds

If more people were aware of this, almost all women would want to live on Jupiter or Saturn. Why? Because it rains diamonds from the skies of these planets. It is because of the methane content of these planets and the lightning storms which convert it into soot. And as it pours down, the soot is converted into chunks of diamond and graphite.

5. Swallowing Stars

When a star is swallowed by a black hole, what actually happens is pretty much similar to a very simple and common phenomena, burping. The star is ripped off by the black hole and some of it is swallowed while the rest of it is ‘burped’ out causing a giant splash of plasma.

4. Fungus for Relatives

Animals and mushrooms share a common ancestor that is algae. Religious people went nuts when Darwin said that humans had evolved from monkeys. Just imagine how they will react when they get to know that we are related to fungus.

3. Burping in Space

If you dream of becoming an astronaut, this is just a friendly reminder to not try to burp in space. On our planet, gravity keeps all the liquid and solid down, so all you burp is gas. But in absence of gravity, you’ll end up puking if you try to burp.

2. Frozen Boil

Water boils at 100°C and freezes at 0°C. That is what we have been taught, right? But there is also a state known as the ‘Triple Point’ where all the three states; solid, liquid and gas coexist. This cannot be safely tried at home as the temperature conditions need to be very specific.

1. Wide Open Spaces

Our universe is vast, isn’t it? Surprisingly, only 4% of the mass of the universe is atoms. The reason? Atoms are 99.99% empty! If all the empty spaces were removed, the entire human race could fit into the size of a sugar cube.