10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

Water – the elixir of life, 75% of the earth is water, 90% of our body weight is water, we can grow food from water, drink it and many more things. Despite all these facts, here’s a list of 10 water bodies that want you dead.

10. Boiling Lake, Dominica

The name of this lake should be referred to in a literal context. The boiling lake was first discovered in 1870 by two Englishmen an the recorded temperature range was 82–92 °C. This temperature, however, was recorded at the edges of the lake. the actual temperature cannot be taken without the human holding the thermometer, melting into the water. The lake is guarded by high rock walls which create a basin of grayish blue water which looks like a hot giant pot.

9. Citarum River, Indonesia

At least 500 factories use this river as disposal of their waste materials and it is the most polluted river in the world. The Citarum river has been filled with garbage to such n extent that it is almost impossible to see the water. But the locals, due to lack of choice, continue to use this river’s water for bathing, drinking, and even boiling food.

8. Rio Tinto, Spain

Also known as ‘The Red River’ and traces somewhat resembling what scientists found on Mars, the River Tinto is one of the most acidic water bodies of the earth. It has an average pH value of 2. Apart from the acidity, the water column is known to have an excess of three heavy metals, copper, zinc and iron. It may seem beautiful in appearance but the river will kill any fish that swims in it and will undoubtedly do so to humans too.

7. Lake Kivu, DRC and Rwanda

The lake has approximately 60 billion cubic meters of methane and 300 billion cubic meters of carbon dioxide underneath it. The gases coming from a nearby volcano and bacterial action pose a great threat to all the nearby settlements. The lake bed sits ion rift valley slowly being pulled apart and bring volcanoes to life. All it will take is one eruption to cause massive destruction all around.

6. The Rivers of Johannesburg, South Africa

E.coli is a bacteria found in the intestines of humans and other animals. How’d you feel drinking water with it? Gross, right?Most rivers of Johannesburg are filled with these which are extremely harmful. E.coli infection kills 250 Americans per year where the content is almost normal. Imagine how many people it kills in Johannesburg where the content is 240 times more than normal.

5. Blackwater River, Virginia, USA

The Blackwater River does not have anything toxic in it. The only reason of it being dangerous is too much water. The river seems to have gotten angrier and angrier with time. In the past decade, it has flooded the neighboring areas 6 times. Unless it somehow calms itself, the Blackwater River is a potential threat to Virginia.

4. Tualatin River, Oregon

This river is a toxic blue-green algae bloom and you are highly advised to wash with soap if you come in contact with Tualatin water. Algae grow at an alarming rate and as many as 10 dogs are killed annually in Oregon due to algae infections. Tualatin is definitely not the river where you want to take your pups for a swim or your children for boating.

3. Lake Karachay, Russia

The idea of spending and hour on the shore of a beautiful lake sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Well its highly against recommendations for this one. Lake Krachay has been a major nuclear waste dump till the 90s. It provides you an hourly dose of 600 roentgen which can easily kill you. But the property is really cheap just in case you want to buy a place to die at.

2. Belle Fourche River and South Dakota, USA

There’s no toxic content or harmful bacteria in this river, its just getting wilder day by day. The high tide claimed lives of three people in 2010. The river knocked a father, his 11 years old daughter and their friends, off the boat and trapped then underwater till death. A mile long area of the river has been closed to the public since then.

1. Potomac River Maryland, USA 

The great falls of the Potomac River attract a large number of people. The majority come here to hike, fish or swim. But the tame looking river is treacherous. Its mascot strong currents lie under the surface of the water. So if you are once knocked down, you will stay down. The river has claimed 26 lives since 2001 till date.