Top 10 Biographies and Autobiographies that you CAN NOT MISS!

Once in a while, we all crave for rays of sunshine to brighten up our otherwise mundane gloomy lives. Well, what better way can you think to soothe your mind and elevate your day than a good read at your porch till the sun goes down with a cup of warm coffee, enjoying the sunset? To add an essential tinge of inspiration in your busy over-worked life, here is a list of top ten biographies and autobiographies that will surely lift your mood and give you a boost of energy to continue your daily hustle.

10. Chronicles – Volume 1 Bob Dylan:

There is no need to introduce this man. Bob Dylan has been an essential part of our youth for he is just not another famous singer but a symbol of modern poetry and revolution, a philosopher, one of the most powerful influences in popular music and culture. The first volume of his autobiography deals with his struggle in the initial phase of his career, his experience of living in Newyork in 1961, his struggle while recording his first album and his determination for music. Bob Dylan lovers, do not wait to get your hands on this one to experience first-hand Dylan’s journey into the world of American culture.

9. Dreams From My Father:

Obama’s powerful portrayal of the obstacles faced by his family, of racism faced in his country and his story of love-affair will surely hook you to this book. His writing style reflects the vastness of his knowledge and his exclusive command over his diction. This is a must-read for all the book lovers out there.

8. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer:

This book will allow you to enter a completely different world of wilderness, a world of adventure where you only listen to your heart and challenge your fate at every step. Here the author depicts the world without fear and teaches you to live life deliberately without constant compromises. The book is filled with conflicts and contradictions that we undergo while living and Chris’s ultimate desire to win them all and live his life on his own terms.

7. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou:

This autobiography is the first one of her all seven autobiographies. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings brought fame and recognition for the author by its extremely emotional rendition of a Black American’s journey in the course of her first seventeen years of life. In this book, she talks about her topsy-turvy life that initiated with her parents’ divorce and went further to hardships and struggles with time. This book can work as a great motivation in your bad days as you will learn from a girl who has faced extreme physical abuses, mental traumas from an early stage of life and chose to never give up.

6. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank:

Set completely apart from other autobiographies, this diary of a thirteen-year-old will leave you with awe when you will get to experience everything a thirteen-year-old can possibly go through. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who went into hiding with her family during WorldWar II and from there, the disarranged phase of her life began. This is a must read for all the growing teenagers to experience something so different than our day-to-day lives yet you can relate to her in her journey of emotional vulnerability that comes with this age.

5. 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup:

This biography starts with Solomon living an ideal life, bearing a family and earning by doing what he loves to do. But soon life takes a completely unknown turn when he gets sold into slavery. Even in this stage of utmost adversity, Solomon sets an example of strength and effervescent hope by his attitude of never giving up.

4. The Pursuit Of Happyness by Chris Gardener:

The 2006 movie Pursuit of Happyness took the world by a storm as even today, we take it as an ultimate example of what strength and hard work can achieve. The movie, based on the book of Chris Gardener, delineates the story of a twenty-year-old man, a native of Milwaukee, who arrives in San Francisco to pursue a career in medicine and the adversity he undertakes upon him. Even when his life takes a completely unexpected turn, this man shows us how to deal with calamity with the only help of hard work and resilient will and hope. In the movie, Chris asserts “You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

3. The Story Of My Experiments With Truth by Mohandas K. Gandhi:

Mohandas K. Gandhi who needs little introduction in his autobiography showcases his life from an early childhood. The book is a seraphic account of an extraordinary leader who shows what moral strength and spiritual faith in humanity can achieve. The book is strongly rooted in the historical backdrop of the forty years that he lived in India with a detailed description of the political scenario, his take on India’s freedom fight, and his overall philosophy of life. To perceive life positively and to indulge in a great spiritual journey, this book is a must read.

2. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

This book is Walter Isaacson’s account of Steve Jobs’ life and the various hardships that the man went through in his life. The book is based on an extensive session of a three-year long interview of Jobs and his family. The book strikes a note of brilliance by adhering into a motivational read that inspires reader throughout the entire journey. This book is a must-have in the collection of every book lovers out there.

1. Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela:

This autobiography comprises every detail of Mandela’s lifelong struggle for freedom and the ups and downs of his journey. The book opens in his childhood and takes us through his journey of becoming one of the world’s strongest freedom fighter. The book narrates his life in prison for twenty-seven years and his immense contribution in shaping a new democratic South Africa. It also contains a profound analysis of Mandela’s anti-apartheid struggle of the South Africans. The book justifies the title by truly making us a witness of Mandela’s “long walk” to freedom.

Motivational reads enable us to perceive life with a bit more positivity and strengthen our hope in the goodness of life. With autobiographies, we get the chance to soak up ourselves in the roller coaster journey of the author’s life which ends in the cleansing of our soul. So take a time out and dig in one of these to transport yourself into a realm of wonders and hurdles where humanity, hope and goodness get to take the trophy home at the end of the day.