10 Crazy Fan Theories About TV Shows And Movies

When reality hits us hard, we all like to take refuge with something that’s not real but is an integral part of our lives. We are talking about beloved TV shows and movies. Even if we’re not feeling low, some shows just make us feel extra happy. But what if the sitcoms and movies aren’t  exactly how they seem to be on screen. Here’s a list of 10 crazy fan theories which, sadly, could be true.

10. Meredith has Alzheimer’s

Grey’s Anatomy was a medical drama which, in early stages, revolved around the protagonist, Meredith Grey taking tests to determine if she has Alzheimer genes like her mother or not. But according to one theory, she already has the disease and everything happening around her is a depiction of all the emotions she has forgotten to feel. According to the theory, the voice overs in her head is just Meredith telling bedtime stories to her three children. If this theory is to be believed then all the sad deaths in the show might not have occurred at all. This theory is also a reasonable explanation of why some of the episodes are so dramatic and over the top.

9. Eleven is a monster

Eleven from Stranger Things fights to come over the monster in her head which she first encountered in the sensory deprivation tank. But one theory has it that Eleven herself is a monster. Apart from the fact that she said: “I am the monster” she also disappeared after conjuring it. It’s the only show to have come out in 2016 and captured the horror and science fiction thrill in mere 8 episodes. This theory, however, could change our perspective on the show.

8. The Friends are all insane

This one is the most heartbreaking of all. According to the theory, all six of the lead characters are in an asylum and the show is just an illusion of the lives they would have had. Ross is traumatized by his inability to maintain relationships, Chandler couldn’t handle his parents’ divorce and the burden being the only male sibling in a very large family scares Joey. Phoebes’ mother committing suicide sends her over the edge and Rachel is a sociopath. Also, Pheobe is on meth.

7. Jack is a time traveler

No, he didn’t fail in his mission, as according to the theory he was sent to ensure that the Titanic sunk. We get these hints when he talks about taking Rose to a roller coaster which was made five years after the sinking of Titanic. Stopping Rose from jumping off the ship was necessary, not because he loved her or anything but if he hadn’t done so, the ship would have missed the iceberg, as they’d have to stop to search for Rose. Thus creating a mess in the timeline and letting all the people who were supposed to die, live. Maybe that’s why he stayed down in the water as he had to leave without revealing his secret because honetly, there was a lot of space on that plank!

6. Scully is immortal

In the ‘Were Monster’ episode of The X-Files, Mulder confronts Scully about approaching a possible suspect twice, without any backup to which she responds: “You forget, I’m immortal.” That is where the theory surfaced from. Fans say that Scully became immortal when she looked at ‘The Death.’ And she has purposely been given immortality so she can save the mankind from all the monsters and alien beings.

5. Toy Story 3 is about Holocaust

It’s a children’s movie, it should be cute! But no, fans just have to come up with crazy theories about everything. Andy is 17 and headed to college and the toys are left behind, just as host nations left behind the Jews as the Third Reich conquered Europe. Woody holds a meeting, where the assembled toy family discusses possible outcomes for their new position in the world. The last scene of the movie, where they are saved by aliens from the ‘Pizza planet,’ according to the theory, is a depiction of ‘heaven.’

4. The Fresh Prince is dead

Another heartbreaking theory about a beloved show. When Will gets in that cab, it’s not to take him to his uncle’s house but to take him to heaven. The theory says that he dies from either getting severely beaten up by the gang members or committing suicide after being traumatized after the beating. His uncle’s house is ‘heaven’ where he lives with his relatives and friend and when his parents visit his grave, Will interprets it as them meeting him at his house.

3. Sandy is Dead

Grease was a light-hearted musical movie with a few dark moments, right? Not according to this theory. It says then Sandy didn’t nearly drown in the beginning, she actually drowned and was in a coma the entire movie. All the events are just illusions that her brain created while in coma. And the ‘happy ending’ where the couple flies off in an airborne, is when Sandy finally dies and ‘flies off’ to heaven.

2. Mary Poppins is a time lord

She floats from one place to another with her umbrella and doesn’t stay at a place after a problem is solved. Quite similar to the Doctor. Not to forget the telling bowtie and the bag that has no limit on the inside. The theory has it that Mary Poppins is a time lord and the umbrella is her TARDIS. There’s a total of twelve reasons as to why fans came up with this theory. At least it ain’t sad!

1. John Candy is the devil

The Christmas family classic, Home Alone is also not spared from bizarre fan theories. According to it, John Candy is a crossroads demon who makes a deal with Kate in return for agreeing to take her back home, in Chicago. Kate says: “If I have to sell my soul to the devil himself” and that is when John introduces himself to Kate. His opening line ‘Allow me to introduce myself’ is similar to the beginning of the track ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’ Also, this scene is filmed at the airport crossroads which is yet another evidence to justify the theory.