10 animals with AMAZING SUPERPOWERS that you didn’t know exist!

Superpowers, hidden in any form, in any delicate creature, intrigue our minds as we are always left wanting to know more about it with a mere hope of adapting it somehow in human genes. Nature with its wide variety of creatures, ranging from insects to mammals, never fails to astonish us with its tales of incredible super powers hidden carefully in countless creatures. So here we represent a list of top ten animals with captivating superpowers that will surely leave you spellbound, if not speechless.

10. Turritopsis Jellyfish: 

Turriptopsis Jellyfish or Turritopsis Dohrnii is more famously known as “Immortal Jellyfish”. This jellyfish surely does justice to its “Immortal” title as it has the ability to go back to its earliest form when injured or old. So the jellyfish never needs to die and instead it can revert itself into its earliest stage i.e. polyp. When it gets injured or old, the jellyfish carefully delves deep into the ocean floor where it forms a polyp and from that, a new medusae is born, thus completing the circle. This incredible discovery took the world of Biology by a storm and now the scientists are doing extensive research on this particular type of jellyfish with a hope of generating biological immortality in human genes. Now the question lies would we really like to go back being infants and start all over again? Food for thought everyone!

9. Platypus: 

Well, don’t let this innocent look of Platypus deceive you of its capability. Platypus holds an exclusive power of electrolocation of its prey. In simpler words, it has the power to sense electrical signals in its prey’s muscles, making it impossible for the prey to escape. So the more a prey will run away from a platypus, the more numbers of electrical signals it will produce, making it really easy for the platypus to track its location. Male platypus also comprises the ability to produce a venom which causes severe pain in humans and is considered to be fatal to smaller animals.

8. Axolotl:

The next member of the super-powered animal squad is none other than Axolotl, famously known as the water monster. Axolotl contains the superpower of extreme regeneration. It can not only regenerate its injured body parts but also holds the special ability to regrow complex organs like eyes, lungs and even its brain! And of course, that process of regeneration has fascinated the scientists as they are now busy subtracting and adding parts of Axolotl to gain an understanding of the mechanism. High hopes for the future of humans, eh?

7. Bombardier Beetle:

Now, believe me, you do not want to mess with bombardier beetle as it is able to spray hot boiling liquid out of its backside when attacked. If it feels threatened by any circumstance, the beetle commences an internal chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone. This produces an extremely heated chemical that shoots out of the tip of its abdomen, enough to scare off its attacker. The injury caused by this chemical can be lethal to attacking insects or smaller animals and very painful to human skin. So our advice is look out for this beetle if you don’t want unnecessary stinging in your skin.

6. Dung Beetle:

If Bombardier beetle has left you in awe, wait till you know about the next member of the beetle family that is Dung Beetle. This small creature is probably considered to be the strongest creature of the whole world as it comprises the ability to pull 1,141 times of its own body weight which is equal to an average person pulling six double-decker buses full of people. Well, we say this performance statistics of dung beetle should ensure it a permanent place in Marvel comics.

5. Hairy Frog:

Hairy Frog is widely known as the horror frog, occupying enough characteristics to earn him the title. Hairy Frog is known to contain the ability to break its own bones and pushing them through its toepads, like substitute claws when threatened. Zoologists are not completely aware how the bone retracts, but it has been conjectured that the claws retract later, while the damaged tissue reconstructs.

4. Lyrebird:

Lyrebird has the unique ability to mimic any sound it may hear both natural and artificial. The most complexly muscled vocal chords of this bird enable it to recreate any sound that it may catch, be it barking sounds of a dog, camera shutters or even chainsaw. Male birds utilise this ability to attract female birds in the ultimate hope to mate. Now this super-power may seem less efficient but imagine a super-hero who will not only save the world but can mimic any voice you would want to hear, now that’s something we can all look forward to, comic writers taking note?

3. Mimic Octopus:

Mimic Octopus, originally known as Thaumoctopus mimicus, holds the ability to transform into the shape of 15 different marine species including a jellyfish, a sea snake, a lionfish and what not. The difference between an ordinary octopus and mimic octopus lies in its special power to not only change skin texture or colours but it can also impersonate a vast variety of sea-animals by adapting on a different shape altogether. The most intriguing part of this transformation is that the octopus can independently decide which animal will be suitable to alter under a particular threat. After deciding, it can change its shape within seconds. Mimic octopus with its amazing super-power has secured its position as one of the great wonders of nature.

2. Tardigrade:

Tardigrades or water bears have earned the reputation of being invincible and rightly so. These moss piglets are water-dwelling micro animals which can only grow to a size of 1.5 millimetres. Tardigrades possess the super-special ability to survive almost anything. They can survive 120 years without any food, they can easily continue existing in extremely hot or cold climates and in addition, they can even withstand the pressure six times more than that of the deepest parts of the ocean. If these facts are not enough to convince you of its indestructibility, allow me to add that they can endure massive doses of radiation and live in the vacuum of space. So the question that arises immediately is what can be the source of this indestructible power of tardigrades? According to researchers, the power is called cryptobiosis where they are capable of dehydrating themselves, which allows them to live for years with very little metabolic function. Now, that’s a super-power we will all love to have, no?

1. Mantis Shrimp:

The vibrant coloured Mantis shrimps, or stomatopods, are marine crustaceans which are known to contain two incredible powers. While we humans possess only three colour receptive cones, these little creatures contain 16 types of colour receptive cones, allowing them to witness every colour that exists in nature including ultra-violet. Now the second power is even more enthralling. Mantis shrimp is acknowledged to be extremely fast with its ability to strike its forearm at a speed of 50-84 kilometres per hour equal to a 22 calibre bullet speed, enough to break an aquarium glass with a single strike. Although this shrimp lives all by itself and leads a solitary life, it is considered to be quite aggressive under a potential threat. Maybe look out for this little creature, next time you go snorkelling cause surely we wouldn’t want to mess with this one.

Glancing through this list allows us to realise the ceaseless wonders of nature that we are yet to unveil, for the more we try to explore, the realm of nature seems to extend further leaving us in awe and wonder.