10 Insects That Are Scarier Than Animals

As Humans, we are big and have a better defense mechanism than most living beings. All these qualities though come to a standstill when we are left to face a tiny insect. Even some of the biggest Bravehearts¬†get petrified of these at times, not so little beings. So here are 10 Insects that aren’t too famous for their existence but they surely cannot be forgotten once we face them,

10. Japanese Mountain Leech

A leech that can swallow an entire worm, that’s a Japanese Mountain Leech for you. This leech has the tendency of hiding in shoes and other places that give them easier access to bite and hide. The lookalike of a small snake produces a numbing agent while biting its victims so they do not feel the pain.

9. Assassin Bug

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An Assassin Bug clearly justifies its name. This bug stabs their prey to death and drains out all the blood. That’s not all, these bugs then wear their preys together like a trophy. Who knew that even insects liked flaunting?

8. Giant Weta

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The Giant Weta isn’t deadly or harmful in any way. The only flaw this insect has is its size. The Giant Weta can scare anyone and everyone all because of its looks and size. It’s often bigger than four times the size of mice. An insect the size of our pinky finger makes us frightened, imagine one that’s bigger than our palms, that’s the Giant Weta for you.

7. Africanized Honeybee

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Bees have always been smart, give them some help from humans and they become smarter. The Africanized Honeybees are hybrid Honeybees that are also known as Killer Bees. These Bees are a lot more territorial than the European Honeybees and a lot more dangerous. These Killer Bees often sting their prey around 2000 times. Let’s just stick to the regular Honeybees.

6. Bot Fly

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If you are a native South American or you got friends and relatives there, you have probably heard about these flies. The Bot Fly can help you feel and enjoy the joy of giving birth irrespective of your gender. The Bot Fly leaves their eggs on Mosquitoes who often while biting leave the egg inside an Animal’s or Human’s skin. These eggs then hatch inside the body with the help of warmth and turn into larvae. Often surgical processes take place to take out these larvae’s from the body that is always in perfect health. People have reported that they can even feel the larvae moving under their skin.

5. Huntsman Spider

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Spiders got scarier after Harry Potter. The Huntsman Spider is the largest and fastest spider. They catch their prey with the help of their legs, no movement needed here. It’s a Spider, it needs no other reason to be scary.

4. Giant Centipede

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Scary and beautiful, that’s the perfect definition for a Giant Centipede. This Centipede can grow up to 35 centimeters and have 46 legs. They feast on frogs, mouse, and other smaller living beings. They are so attractive that people have started keeping them as pets, do these people not know about Cats and Dogs?

3. Cicada

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Every insect has a different quality, the Cicada is known for their sound. This insect with beautiful wings creates a sound that reaches up to 120 decibels. At least this way we would know if they were around, not that we want them around.

2. Japanese Hornet

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If the above-listed insects haven’t scared you already then this one definitely will. A Japanese Hornet’s bite can melt the human skin. The venom of this insect is so powerful that it can cause some severe damage. These Hornets feast on Honeybees, a single Hornet can chop around 40 Honeybees in a minute. A swarm of these Hornets can kill nearly 30,000 Honeybees. That’s some real skill.

1.Giant Orb Weaving Spider

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A Spider eating a bird, sounds unbelievable right? A Giant Orb Weaving Spider left researchers astonished when a picture of it catching a bird and making it its prey surfaced. The Giant Orb Weaving Spider is well known for their wonderfully woven web and their strength. They are mostly found on trees, which gives them more access to their prey. Next time you see a spider, beware.