10 ‘Facts’ That Aren’t True

Some of us love staying hyped up on facts and generally when we hear someone add ‘It’s a fact’ at the end of a sentence, we believe them without actually checking whether the information is true or not. Here’s a list of 10 things that you’ve believed all your life but aren’t actually true.

10. Sunflowers track the movement of the sun

Some of you might be thinking ‘SMH! What are they named sunflowers for then?’ Contrary to popular belief, sunflowers don’t actually track the movement of the sun, they just face East, all the time. Just like humans, plants also have a built-in clock to function according to day and night. In the case of sunflowers, the cycle of this clock roughly reaches 24 hours, due to which they face eastwards at the start of the day and keep adjusting their direction as the earth rotates.

9. Fingers wrinkle due to absorption of water

When we’re in the shower for too long our fingers and toes get wrinkly, right? When we ask about it, we are told that this happens when the outer layer of skin absorbs water. Well, that ain’t true. This happens as an involuntary action of the body which was evolved over the ages. Wrinkly fingers give better grip on objects and have nothing to do with absorbing water, whatsoever.

8. Humans evolved from monkeys

To say that humans evolved from apes would be wrong. In evolution, the evolved species is superior to the one that it evolved from. Now just because we’re more social and not naked anymore does not make us better than apes. Humans, chimps and gorillas, all share a common ancestor but followed different paths of evolution. So we haven’t evolved from apes but they sure are our big hairy cousins.

7. 420 is the LAPD penal code for weed

If you are stoned right now, you’ll probably end up recalling nothing about reading this piece of information. For those of you who aren’t stoned, let us burst your bubble. Section 420 of penal codes of the Los Angeles Police Department obstructs entry on public land. 420 has nothing to with marijuana, whatsoever. The term might have originated because someone was just too high to think of a rational secret code and ended up naming it after time.

6. Earth revolves around the Sun

Why are we so obsessed with the Sun? It’s not like the whole universe revolves around it. That’s not a joke, that is literally the point. Earth and all the other planets in the solar system do not revolve around the sun. What they actually revolve around is the center of mass of the universe, known as ‘barycentre.’ The barycenter coincidentally happens to lie near to or kind of near to the sun; 800,000 kilometers, to be precise. Which is why the planets appear to be revolving around the sun.

5. Penguins mate for life

They’re not that loyal. At least not all of them. Out of the total 17 species of penguins, only 4 are monogamous. The rest of them mate with a partner in one season but the next season they’re unable to wait for the same partner so they just find new ones. See? Not much different than humans.

4. Humans have five senses

The senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, that’s all we have, right? Nope. The actual number of senses is actually four times than it is believed to be. This means there are total 20 senses which include the sense of direction, time, hunger, itching, pressure etc. It’s just that some people do not have these senses as heightened as the basic five.

3. Apple was the forbidden fruit

According to Christianity, God told Eve that she could eat any fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil apart from the forbidden fruit. But there was no mention of what the forbidden fruit was. So people just out of the blue assumed that it was an apple? That is pretty much what might have happened. Why are we hating on apples though? Apples are nice tasty fruits!

2. Chameleons change colors to blend in

Just give it a thought, why would someone, who could choose to be any color from the spectrum, want to be the color of the surroundings? Chameleons do not change colors to blend in with the surroundings but they do this in order to reflect their moods. This sends signals to the other chameleons and helps them know how one of their members is feeling.

1. The Great Wall is the only man-made thing you can see from space

The Great Wall is honestly more overrated than Game of Thrones. You’ve been reading it since your childhood that the only manmade thing visible from outer space is the Great Wall. False. You can easily spot structures like highways and dams, you can even see the border between India and Pakistan. So next time somebody mentions this ‘fact’ just let them know.