10 Things That Might One Day Destroy The Earth In A Go

We go through the basic headlines, a random blog, a mad man standing on the side of the road with an “End is near” banner in his hand and we simply shake our heads and go on with it. Let us take you through a list of events that can annihilate the earth in time so short that you might not get a chance to say-“Did we screw up this bad?”

10) Catastrophic climate change

This is a cause that we are talking about since the turn of the century- to no avail. It is indeed the much known Global Warming. According to scientists the alarming warming rate is  2ºC (3.6ºF) warming, but today the actual scenario is a warming of 4 or 6ºC (7.2 or 10.8ºF), a truly horrific scenario which is unclear as to how much will it support humans’ survival. The expression runaway greenhouse effect is used to describe a situation where the climate deviates catastrophically and permanently from the original state—like on Venus, which is now a is by far the hottest planet in the Solar System, with a mean surface temperature of 735 K (462 °C; 863 °F), the climate change happening due to the said catastrophic climate change. What would it actually do to earth? It will become in large parts uninhabitable and with rise in floods due to melting of the ice caps and reverse response of the earth with volcanoes in some areas and freezing in other, irrespective of the geography.

9) Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays are tiny atom fragments that rain down on the Earth from outside of the solar system at the speed of light and have been blamed for electronics problems in satellites and other machinery for example, like the snow sound that occurs in between the channels we change on the TV. These rays, if come down to earth are capable of frying us all exactly the way a microwave oven does to our food. Only thing protecting us from these is the ozone layer, the thing we were all going to save back in the 90s and then completely forgot about. The cosmic rays we have on earth like the snow sound we just mentioned can drain out the energy of any battery, electrical equipment, etc, completely rendering our machines useless.

8) Ecological catastrophe

Ecological collapse refers to a situation where an ecosystem suffers a drastic, possibly permanent, reduction in carrying capacity for all organisms, often resulting in mass extinction and the floods, fires, etc we see normally are just a tiny needle in the large haystack of these catastrophes. Not just the GHGs and global warming, but also the very dependency of humans on the eco system they are a part of can be the end of us. You may suddenly wake up to a whole species of flora or fauna gone, and thus, you might be next.

7) Hypervelocity Stars

It is ironical how easily we close our eyes and wish to the shooting star while it can very well come straight at you, destroying the earth in minutes and these harmless-looking space phenomena are meteoroids burning in the Earth’s atmosphere, or precisely- great balls of nuclear fire a million miles across, with a velocity so massive that it can free itself from the gravitational pull of planets, thus letting them lose in this gravity-less, unpredictable universe, that actually surrounds us.  Size of a sun, their speeds go up to 4000 kms per second-yes, second!- and to our utmost dread, there are no less than 19 completely unknown asteroids that pose a potential danger to Earth as per new pan-STARRS telescope system, mere 7.5 million kms away. it is still fine as if we discover a new one coming at us, we will have at least a few centuries left for us- just that your kids’ kids’ kids’ kids may never be born!

6) Nuclear war

EHC0JJ Danger of nuclear war illustration with multiple explosions

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”, was what Einstein said in an interview and without a doubt the genius was correct as we see countries around us gearing up with their nuclear missiles but for what? Instantaneous earth-wide death, YES! Remember Hiroshima Nagasaki guys? Learn from your mistakes! There are not enough missiles in the world to extinct the human race but this is on our list because of the phenomena- nuclear winter. It is a situation where if enough nukes are detonated, world temperatures would fall dramatically and quickly, disrupting food production and possibly rendering human life impossible

5) Galactic Cannibalism

You will be lying to yourself if you didn’t think of aliens eating you alive after reading the title. But it’s actually something completely different. Aka galactic cannibalism, where smaller galaxies succumb to the gravity of a bigger one and are slowly absorbed into it, thus adding to its mass and making it even larger, so it can eat more galaxies, utterly terrifying isn’t it? Especially when we know our galaxy is still not that big and the fact that one of the bigger galaxies that’s heavily into eating its kin is Andromeda- our closest neighbouring galaxy, more than 10 times bigger than ours, the kind that would eat us! What will actually happen? This will cause the two galaxies to slowly compress into a single mess of stars within the next 3 billion years or so, throwing us to the very outskirts of the new Galactic Scramble, or maybe even transforming our very own sun into one of those hypervelocity stars. Yep. That.

4) Super volcano

This is something all of us know is very likely, as it killed the entire dinosaur population in one go, who were more in number, larger and well, stronger! And well, The Permian–Triassic extinction event, which rendered something like 90 percent of the Earth’s species extinct, is believed to have been caused by an eruption. Eruptions cause significant global cooling and disrupting agricultural production, IF we survive the major volcanic eruptions. They’re also basically impossible to prevent, at least today, though they’re also extremely rare. The only part that makes them dangerous is the pandemics that will ensue once the eruption is done- the event itself will kill everyone so much as that it’d make continued survival untenable for those who lived through it. And maybe 20 centuries later, a species like ours will be born that will study our lava encrusted remains just like we study our ancestors.

3) Magnetars

Magnetars are a type of neutron (the part of an atom that constitutes its mass and is neither positive or negative) star, and they’re the aftermath of an expansion of a massive star in a supernova. Composed of an ultra-thick material called neutronium, a thimbleful of which weighs approximately 100 million tons, Magnetars possess  magnetic fields that emit huge amounts of high-energy electromagnetic radiation (such as X-rays and gamma rays) as they decay. So basically, a Magnetars is an Omni-directional gamma ray burst combined with a cosmic-level EMP, imagine a person on spinning pogo stick with a continuous shooting gun in his hands- yep, that. Despite of absence of nearby Magnetars, radiations from even distant ones can damage the earth like the one that hit in 2004, heavily affecting our ionosphere, and we found about it pretty late. So just think of this- the blast of 2004 was 50,000 light-years away; the nearest-radiation emitting Magnetar to us is 9,000 light-years away. One flash and the earth will incinerate.

2) Gamma Ray Bursts

While cosmic rays can be harmful and even fatal, they can be stopped just short of eradicating all life on Earth by our built-in defence system. Gamma ray bursts are caused by a particularly massive star collapsing into a black hole, which initiates a supernova explosion, which in turn emits twin energy flares in opposite directions. Each of these flares has energy levels that make even the supernovas that birthed them seem insignificant- equivalent to energy our sun will release in its entire 10 billion-year lifetime, just in mere seconds! This would easily end us by boiling our ozone layer and exposing the earth to UV radiation. Astronomers’ current measuring equipment says these happen relatively rarely in the universe: Just once a day. (Sarcasm is the only weapon you can use against these.

1) Rogue Black Holes

Ahhh, here comes our hero of the things that perils that linger around our earth every day. As if the stars and cosmic rays and what not travelling around the universe freely were not enough, black holes can move about at terrible velocities, too! That means, your fantasy about thinking that black holes won’t affect you unless you go close to them is broken as they can easily come to you and eat your entire universe up. How? Wikipedia says that a black hole is a region of space-time exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it, and light is something you can’t even touch. And what of us, in flesh and blood? We will all be consumed, atom by atom, until nothing remains and what makes it worse is the fact that we might not detect a black hole coming towards us, as it is very dark- who knows we have one just coming our way right now?

There are so very many dramatic ways that vast, incomprehensible galactic phenomena can kill you, which every single day that you go, without being murdered by the vast abyss that the space is, is a miracle because indeed, we are at the universe’s mercy right now. So all we can do is do our part, save the earth, give it back its resources, for all we know, even the space might not get a chance to kill us as we would do that to us ourselves.