10 Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning

It is believed that dreams were a window into the unconscious mind and somehow, our unconscious mind is trying to decipher some mysteries or answer the unanswered that our conscious selves are not able to, and a deep understanding of these dreams can help us understand the anatomy of the human brain further. Here we are, with the top most common dreams and their meanings.

10) Food

On a broader prospect, to see food in your dream represents physical and emotional nourishment and energies, though experts say that different types of food can symbolize a wide range of things. Generally, fruit is symbolic of sensuality, meat represents animalistic desires (which may or may not be sexual), and vegetables show healthy pursuits. Frozen foods may refer to your cold emotions and frigid ways or someone who is being cold to antagonise you enough to dream about it. If you are eating food, it can mean that it is time to inculcate something in yourself, like apples symbolize knowledge, Almonds success, and ham symbolizes that you need to reserve your energy. Weirdly, dreaming of strawberries is indicative of sensual desires and so does dreaming of bananas (we know why that can be possible). All in all, food is a dream subject that leaves you happy, or content, when you wake up.

9) Murdering or killing someone

Harming others in your dreams means you’re a psychotic sociopath. Just kidding, this explanation is far from reality.  It usually represents that it’s not someone else you want to kill, it is some part of your own self you want to get rid of. That’s how weird and complicated dreams are. You may want to put an end to your relationship with the person being murdered, or the person might simply represent a part of you that shouldn’t be there, like a job you’re unhappy with, that is being represented as you killing your boss. If someone is killing you, you may be feeling hurt or betrayed by this person and you feel like it is “killing you” from inside.

8) Teeth Falling Out

This is one of the dreams that is very common among people and mainly it means two things-firstly, if teeth are symbols of power and confidence, and then losing them means you’re lacking confidence. Secondly, falling out teeth symbolize a broken relationship or simply that you are concerned about appearing attractive to others (mostly the opposite sex). They sometimes suggest a fear of growing old, a warning that you should eat better or you need more nourishment. Or simply, it can tell you may have said something that you regret.

7) Infidelity

A dream about your partner cheating on you doesn’t actually mean they are doing so, as you must’ve guessed dreams work that way. Thus, it’s not your subconscious tying together “clues.” And it doesn’t give you the right to go stalker and keep an eye on them 24*7. It simply means that you maybe you’re not getting as much attention as you desire, their jobs, new projects, distance, etc, can be the reason to trigger such things. It could, sometimes, indicate lack of trust from your side as well and this may be a result of your own insecurities and fear of not being attractive or good enough. They can also mean that an act of cheating done by yourself in reality is being cloaked by their infidelity in your dreams or simply, you may be questioning if you are cheating yourself out of something you deserve because you feel you don’t deserve it.

6) Snakes and Cats

Seeing animals in your dreams is very common but the two most common animals that might appear in people’s dreams are cats and snakes. The meaning for both of them depends on how your relationship with them is- Many people are afraid of snakes, and since snakes are highly impulsive and thus, unpredictable, they may represent things that are out of the dreamer’s control, like opening the Chamber of Secrets because a horcrux possessed your body. Kidding, it is more like a situation where your company is going into loss but you are just an intern and can’t do anything about it. Similarly, cats are seen as independent, free spirits by some people, so they could represent things like free spirit, femininity, creativity, and power. On the other hand if you fear them, they could also be a bad omen. Basically, the interpretation of snakes and cats in a dream is quite open to interpretation, depending on the person.

5) Falling

A dream that jolts you up with chagrin taking away your entire day’s peace is the dream where you are falling. Sometimes, it is deciphered to be a “red flag from your subconscious.” Thus, it’s common with people having a major life problem in some area, such as work or a close personal relationship. It can represent the fear of losing a relationship or something that you depend on. If you dream of an endless fall, it is a sign that you are afraid of failing. Being injured after a fall can indicate a broken friendship and hardships on the way, urging us to take more control of our life.

4) Being Chased

These dreams that have an unnerving effect on people are something very much common and mostly, highly unsettling as nobody wants to hear, “There’s something right behind you”. It shows you are worrying about something in your real life and your subconscious telling you face them rather run. Sometimes, a man dreaming of being chased by a woman means he feels trapped or consumed by someone. A recurring chase dream indicates you need to take time out to meditate on why this dream keeps occurring. Being chased by criminals means that you need to be warned about protecting yourself from others who may try to use you sometime in the future, while if it is a monster, it means something will reach a conclusion in the near future. Laughing at what chases you is a sign you can laugh off even the most difficult situations but if you are actually laughing it can either amuse or scare your sleeping partner, just saying.

 3) Water

Dreaming about water is pretty common and is also a pretty clear dream, just like water itself. It’s a mirror of how your subconscious is feeling. Cold water may symbolize feeling or being cold, distant or unemotional, hot water, anger or rage, rough or turbulent water may symbolize stress while boiling water may represent emotions, especially anger or rage, that have been seething under the surface and are about to emerge or boil over. Swimming, paddling or rowing down the river may suggest you are going with the flow and experiencing no difficulties, going up the river suggests you are going against the natural flow or experiencing difficulties. Taking a shower or bath may suggest you are cleansing yourself, releasing your negative thoughts and emotions — washing your troubles away or simply, your subconscious’ way of telling you to do so. Underwater dreams suggest pressure or conversely, uncovering repressed emotions or memories. The scariest dream related to water, drowning, actually indicates physical pain, or simply, overcoming with emotion.

2) Naked Dreams

These are nowhere related to any kind of sexual dreams. We are talking about a very common dream, for example, walking up routinely to your school but coming to an abrupt stop to realise you are buck naked. People have different perceptions about being nude or naked which further changes the meaning of their dreams. For people view nudity as a freedom of expression, a naked dream represents something completely different from a majority of people who view nudity as embarrassing and something that should not be revealed in public and the latter form the majority making naked dreams negative. It can make people feel insecure of themselves, or indicate that you are lacking something. To take it the best possible way is something only we can do, though.

1) Flying

Don’t you remember waking up with a smile on your face and stating, “I was flying!” The smile and an uplifted sense of being exist as flying can be empowering.  Flying dreams are one of a rare breed of dreams that most often have good meanings, though they are very common, hence we decided to end our list with this. In flying dreams you are usually fully in charge and able to fly anywhere you choose, over the buildings, crossing an ocean, with the birds or simply, on Harry’s broomstick. The dream suggests that you’re feeling good about the situation and are in charge of it.  You feel as if you’re invincible, that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.  These dreams suggest that you are currently at the top of your game and your future is looking bright, thus, making flying dreams the only example of dreams that suggest that your subconscious is in harmony with your conscious self.

We took you through a short description of the vast array of dreams that you have and to every person, a dream can mean differently. But in pursuit of finding the workings of the subconscious we should never sway from the material reality, as this the thing your dreams want to do- make a reality for yourself that keeps you and your subconscious in confluence.