10 Weirdest Restaurants in the World

You must have come across themed-restaurant, but restaurants with food looking like the perfect poop emoji, or a restaurant that employs only twins as staff members, well that is when things get real.. real WEIRD. Here we have a list of the top ten weirdest restaurants across the world.

10. Fortezza Medicea Restaurant, Volterra, Italy

Do NOT get fooled by the fancy name of this Italian restaurant, it is a trap! Actually no, this is just a prison themed restaurant which is housed in the Volterra’s Renaissance-era fortress (Fortezza Medicea, Medici fortress), built 1474, which is a high-security prison for criminals serving no less than seven years. And this is still not the weirdest part- the fact that these prisoners are the ones who cook and serve people dinners, is indeed the thing making this restaurant worthy of being in this list. This also explains why people are given plastic utensils to enjoy their gourmet meal (so that no attacks or harm is done if the food is not liked by the customer or chef- you know it now). Diners are also entertained with music provided by Bruno, a pianist with a life sentence for murder. So it is not only a good restaurant, it is the best rehabilitation center possible, isn’t it?

9. Christon Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Christon Cafe is a restaurant and clubbing space in Shinjuku, Tokyo that early in the evening functions as a restaurant, transforming into a night club later on in the night. But CHRIST-on? Yes, it is exactly that- a medieval  Catholicism-themed cafe. For interiors, statues of Christ weeping blood and haloed Virgins grace every nook and cranny of this gothic restaurant that even has gargoyles loom in the corners, and menus that are cross-shaped and coffin-shaped. Its menu promises a variety of dishes going with the theme- cocktails like the “Little Devil” and the “Joan of Arc”, while the menu is named as The Epicurean Bible. Not sure how the night club part goes with the Catholic theme but it is indeed one of the weirdest restaurants.

8.  Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, USA

You got it right- it is indeed a restaurant that promotes heart attack, with its seriously high calorie- menu, provocatively dressed waitresses and to top that, menu having food names that will leave you blushing It is actually a hospital theme restaurant where the waitresses,  or nurses, take orders, or prescriptions, from the customers, or patients who have to wear a hospital gown before ordering. The menu includes “Single”, “Double”, “Triple”, and “Quadruple” “Bypass” hamburgers that are loaded with calories and thus, this restaurant has been looked down upon by many food and health critics which is something that is pretty evident seeing their absurd rules like customers over 350 lb (160 kg) in weight eat for free if they weigh in with a doctor or nurse before each burger. The owner even claimed that a customer was killed by this restaurant.Weird to some big fat level. Isn’t it?

7. Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan

Of course Robots have to involved in this list of weird restaurants. Customers pay a ¥7,000 charge, yes you read it right, to see bikini-clad women stage mock battles using enormous robots. There are four 90-minute shows each night, in which the staff take to the floor on giant robots, including a neon tank and enormous female ‘borgs’. That is about it about this restaurant- mediocre dinner with a side of strobe lights, thumping beats, and wild dance performances by robots and half-naked women, the weird part for me being the enormous amount of money that people need to pay before entering it.

6. Dinner In The Sky, Several Locations

As the name suggests, this weird restaurant actually provides dinner in the sky- bu hanging them in the air. Acclaimed as the top ten weirdest restaurants in the world by Forbes, it acquired this title using a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waiting staff 150 feet into the air.  Over the past years, Dinner in the Sky has criss-crossed the skies of 45 countries as they hold temporary “events” in the skies, in the form of mobile restaurants in Europe, to be sure, but also in Australia, Japan, India, Dubai, South-Africa, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Canada and China. In their own words, “A breakfast in the sky, a gala dinner in the sky, cocktail in the sky, any kind of meeting in the sky or a wedding ceremony in the sky – Dinner in the sky sets no limits to your imagination!” Keep hanging there, customers!

5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Not only one of the weirdest, Ithaa is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. As the name, Ithaa, literally means “mother of pearls”, this beautiful restaurant resides 5 metres (16 ft) below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in Alif Dhaal Atoll in the Republic of Maldives. Constructed by M.J. Murphy Ltd, this acrylic based restaurant seats just 14 people at a time, and is encased in a transparent shell giving a panoramic view of the under-water world. Do not doubt the security and safety of this restaurant as it was able to withstand the 204 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It is the world’s first underwater restaurant and hence, is very exclusive and expensive too. It is a must visit if you are in Maldives, as it claims to leave you with a “buoyant” feeling.

4. The Disaster Cafe, Lloret de Mar, Spain

If a 7.2- Richter Scale earthquake hits you during lunch break, you will definitely leave everything and run for life, won’t you? Not over here. The Disaster Cafe is a place that has simulated earthquakes going about in random time slots and thus, all you have to do i enjoy the shaky meal while making sure you do not spill your drinks. Ordinary from the outside, it shows no indication of any disaster going on inside. The customers are taken for a thrilling below the ground experience using a simple elevator to a cave-like seating area where the staff members wear construction workers’ attire and the utensils are very heavy keeping in mind the shaky atmosphere. The food is amazing though, no shaky opinions about that for sure.

3.  Twin Stars, Moscow

You will be surprised and shocked and intrigued and well, confused, when you find out that this weird restaurant is actually what its name suggests- a quirky restaurant that has identical twins, wearing identical clothing (but that is just uniform), wait the tables and serve the drinks. Maybe out of longing for twin kids, the restaurant owner Alexei Khodorkovsky, but he explains that the twins concept is based on a 1960s film, Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, which is about a trippy alternative universe where a young girl Olya befriends Yalo, her reflection in a mirror. Thus, it is one-of-a-kind restaurant for people who are two of a kind, as their master deals allows twins who eat there get two-for-one deals on the drinks, while triplets get three-for-one and quadruplets four-for-one.

2. Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok

You heard it right. This is a restaurant in Bangkok that is actually based on interior design inspired by- yess- C O N D O M S. So at least you are sure about the safety that it provides, geddit? Conveniently located near one of Bangkok’s main business districts, C&C is very popular among local and foreign clients. With its beautiful interiors- revolving around more and more condoms – the lights hanging from the trees, the lamp on the table, the flowers in the bathroom – all covered in condoms, it urges the customers to think over normally ignored and taboo-ed issues such as sex, family planning, and HIV/AIDS. The food is rated highly by the customers eating at this place who were stumped by the fact that they do not get any mint after food, they get free condoms! Way to go guys.

1. Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

Yes, we are somewhere obsessed with poop (blatantly or shyly) and thus, weirdest restaurant in our list is this, Modern Toilet, Taiwan. This weird restaurant promises to give you the experience of the future while you are eating your food- not your future, your food’s, of course. In the beginning, they mainly sold a big pile of chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like a squat toilet and seeing the success of the entire twisted method of serving food, they expanded into an all course restaurant that now has several branches throughout Asia and is a major tourist attraction. The checkered tile covered walls are adorned with shower-heads, while plungers hang from the ceiling along with feces-shaped lights. I still fail to understand why any person would enjoy having food in this manner. Customers dine sitting on acrylic toilets,  with bathroom sinks covered with glass tops as tables and meals are served in miniature toilet bowls while drinks are in miniature plastic urinals. The food smells (and tastes) great though.

All in all, these are the restaurants that can either make you crave food more, or move away, cringing but for a foodie like me, no matter how weird, beautiful, Gothic, “shit”-ty, wet or even shaky the restaurant’s theme is, if they serve good food, they are on my t0-have list. Until next time, readers!