10 People Who Accidentally Adopted Animals From The Wild

 Whenever somebody says they have a pet you usually think they’re either a cat person or a dog person. Well, for some people this was too mainstream so they now have wild animals as pets. Here’s a list of 10 people who adopted wild creatures and are quite happy with their adorable pets.

10. Deer 


Darius Sasnauskas lives near the Yellowstone National Park, so witnessing a deer give birth to two baby fawns was no big deal for him. But one of the fawns couldn’t keep up with the mother and the sibling due to an injury in one of her legs and was left behind. Darius knew that she had little chances of survival on her own, so he took her home. His dogs soon became very protective of the baby deer. Darius tried to make her return to her natural home but she would refuse to go with the other deer and would shower Darius with kisses instead.

9. Wombat 

Tim Faulkner is the General Manger of the Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales, Australia. A baby wombat was brought into the park when he was four months old and his mother was hit by a car. The day Tim saw him, he showered him with affection and at the end of the day they went home together and Tim named him George. They’re now best friends and George loves cuddling with his stuffed animals and stealing socks. He’s mostly found hiding in cupboards or chasing Tim around the house.

8. Rhino


There’s plenty of injured and abandoned animals that the staff at Aquila Private Game Reserve comes across, but this little baby rhino they found, was abandoned by his mother and in danger from his father. The staff named him Orion and nursed the malnourished rhino back to health. Divan Gobler, a park ranger at Aquila, became Orions’s best friend. They love taking jogs together. Gobler says taking care of him is like taking care of a human child. Gobler even reads a bedtime story to him so he can drift off.

7. Hippo


Park Ranger Tony Joubert found a weak looking baby hippo in Kruger Park, with her umbilical cord still attached. He decided to take care of her. Tony and wife Shirley, decided to name her Jessica. Jessica was free to come and go as she pleased but she loved spending time with her human parents so much that she once broke the front door in a haste to come in. She also sometimes accidentally breaks furniture. But due to being raised by humans Jessica is quite friendly with strangers.

6. Koala


Imogen was a baby koala at the Symbio Wildlife National Park in Sydney, Australia. Mother of an even smaller koala named Harry passed away and the park decided that Imogen had a better chance of surviving without a mother than Harry. So they left Harry with Imogen’s mother. Curator Kylie Elliot and General Manager Matt Radnidge took Imogen everywhere with them. Imogen likes to snuggle up to them their bed and while outside, she rests in Elliots jacket.

5. Lion 

Lambert was brought as a cub by a family but they could not properly care for him so they gave him to the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center in Wylie, Texas. He was, however, not fit for life in the wild and the founder Vicky Keahey adopted him. According to his human mom, Lambert has a big attitude. He sleeps in blankets and loves riding a skateboard too.

4. Kangaroo


In West Australia a citizen rescued a baby kangaroo and brought it to the police station where it immediately bonded with Constable Mason. Mason named him Cujoe. Cujoe followed him everywhere he went. Once while playing in the station backyard, Cujoe was attacked by an eagle with a wing span of 7 feet and Mason ran to him and snatched him away from it. Cujoe escaped with minor injuries.

3. Dolphins 


Dean Bernal first met the dolphin he named Jojo, in Caicos Island. Jojo would curiously follow Dean on all his daily swims and soon the two became friends. Dean once saved Jojo from being captured. Jojo was also very protective of his human best friend and drove a hammered head shark into the ocean bed when it charged at him. Bernal now teaches diving and Jojo interrupts his sessions by bringing her ocean friends to the class.

2. Squirrel


Reddit user Priami found a baby squirrel which was quite unhealthy and blinded in one eye. He decided to adopt him and named him Arrtu. Arrtu adjusted to inside life quite soon and even when taken out he wouldn’t go far from his human friends. He likes to bat at his owner’s hands like a cat and cuddles into shirt pockets or anything soft.

1. Raccoon

A raccoon fell down a tree in Rosie Kemp’s backyard and broke its hind leg. Rosie nurtured his leg and after adopting the raccoon named him Pumpkin. Rosie has two dogs, Toffee and Oreo who are also very protective of Pumpkin. The trio loves cuddling together. Rosie says that she’s sure that Pumpkin believes that she’s a dog now.