At some point, we all wonder about the unexplainable. Amongst numerous other things, UFO sightings hold a special place when we think of mysterious happenings. Here is a list of the top 10 UFO sightings that occurred across the globe, over the past decades.

 10.Colares, Brazil

 In the year 1977, over the months of October, November, and December, various UFOs were witnessed. All the other UFO sightings are known to not have any physical effects on the witnesses. This incident, however, indicated otherwise. As many as 40 witnesses were treated for burns which turned black almost 10 minutes of being hit with the UFO lights. others reported have headaches and some of the islanders even had attacks of Paralysis.

9.Rendlesham Forest, United Kingdom

 Around 28th of December, 1980, repeated sightings of hovering lights were reported over in Rendlesham forest. Military personnel was sent to look into the issue and they claim to have witnessed a terrestrial flying craft which seemed to be mad of black glass. 2 of the men suffered from post-traumatic stress after the incident. When the lights did not stop appearing some more men were sent to help find a source. These men found that the radiation content in the forest was erratically high and one of the officials even reported having a silent stand off with an alien being.

8.Phoenix Lights, USA

                       Around 10 thousand people witnessed strange V-shaped, silently moving objects over the skies of Phoenix, Arizona. These ‘objects’ were almost the size of a football field. The then governor, Fife Symington, ridiculed the idea od alien existence but altered his statement 10 years later. He said that he had been a pilot and these ‘objects’ were larger than any flying machines he knew of. He claimed these to be ‘otherworldly.’

7.Underwater Millenium Falcon

                                              In June 2011 a cylindrical object was found just off the coasts of Sweden and Finland via sonar. After some more probing, a Millennium Falcon-shaped object nearby. The find has baffled scientists ever since, with opinions ranging from a rock formation to UFO, so a team from OceanX was finally sent down to investigate. The divers claimed that all electronics shut down within 200 meters of ‘the giant mushroom’ and also to have found unexplained black matter in the cracks of the wreck.

6.NASA International Space Station

 Nothing makes a strange occurrence more suspicious than someone trying to hide it. That somewhat resembles what happened during the NASA international space station live stream in 2011. Some strange objects seemed to be flying off the surface of the Earth into something else. Some of the viewers claimed it was just dust. But NASA decided to cut off the stream, reporting some technical issues, which added more to the suspicion of viewers.

5. Zimbabwe School Children

 The children of Ariel school, Zimbabwe, saw three strange disc shaped aircrafts disappearing and reappearing in the sky around their school. One of the children reported that he saw a tall being with rugby ball sized eyes. All 62 children were asked to draw pictures of what they encountered and what they dre4w was almost similar to each other. Some experts claim this encounter to be a mass hallucination. however, no one can certainly explain what these children saw.

4.UFOs of Washington DC      

                                                                                 In the summer of 1952, some strange blips were detected on the RADAR of air traffic control. Oddly, no one was flying in the area where the blips were spotted. A pilot reported seeing 6 lights that appeared like shooting stars without tails and they were moving with very high speed. The same incident was witnessed a week later by a commercial airliner, the pilot of which said that they moved with speed much more than the fastest they could fly with.

3.The Valentich Disappearance, Australia

                             Frederick Valentich was a 20-year-old pilot who went missing over the Bass Strait in 1978, leaving nothing behind except a mysterious radio transmission. Just before the transmission broke off he claimed that there was a long, strange shape, hovering about 30 meters above him. The radio transmission said, “It’s not an aircraft, it is..” He could’ve crashed but no wreckage of his craft was ever found. It is believed that he was abducted by the strange object.

2.Belgian Wave, Belgium            

                                    The Belgian UFO wave began in November 1989. A triangular object with three bright flashing lights was observed in Belgian sky by around 13,500 people including policemen. Many people tried taking photos of these UFOs but none of the pictures developed properly. The same incident occurred again in March 1990 and many more of such sightings continued to be reported. Confidential letters from the defense minister of Belgium stated that there was no earthly explanation for these sightings.

1.The Shag Harbor Crash

  Late in the evening of Oct 4, 1967, at least 11 people saw a low flying object, hovering over the small town of Shag Harbor. Witnesses claim to have seen 4 bright orange lights crashing into the water, creating a bright splash. This was earlier mistaken for an airplane, but later, after investigating, no debris was found and neither was any airplane reported crashed. What was floating in the Shag Harbor skies? Nobody knows.