10 Creepiest Things You Will Read About Today

While the thought of a lizard in the same room as you climbing the wall with its slimy slithering hands is enough to give you sleepless nights some of us here wish to travel the most haunted places the world of monsters has to offer.
If you want to eat a midnight snack at 3 AM on the floor of an abandoned house this list is for you

10. Flat woods monster

First sightings date back to September 12, 1952 in Braxton county West Virginia where three boys allegedly saw a 7 foot tall monster with glowing eyes surrounded with Mist The boys complaint of convulsions vomiting and swears nose and throat because of the mist the monster emitted. The monster’s origin is not validated and hence under great scrutiny.

9. Joyce Vincent

The story of Joyce is more heartbreaking than it is terrifying, she was found dead in her apartment in 2006, already in the semi skeleton state.
It was later identified that she had been dead for 3 years, the Televison in her room was still on when they found her, the whole apartment was filled with a pungent odor of spoilt milk, and rotten body. Advice to all those who live alone, easy on the slippery bathroom floors

8. Wendigo

As classy as the name sounds, Wendigo was a Native American creature who turned into a deadly monster because of cannibalism, not so classy now huh?
It is believed that Wendigo used to feast on human flesh and ate anyone who dared meet his eye.
He became so popular that “Wendigo psychosis” a phenomenon where a person faces strange cravings for human flesh has been named after him, studies were and still are conducted to work out the reasons for why a human who has never tasted human flesh before suddenly starts craving for it.
Food porn anyone?

7. Post-mortem photography

These will probably be the creepiest pictures you will ever Google, apparently post mortem photography was a big hit in the 19th century where the dead body was bathed and groomed and then the relatives and the family had an elaborate photo session with it. Surprisingly these were the only pictures a family would have together because back in the day pictures were very expensive and not all could afford them.

6. June and Jennifer gibbons

Twins by birth these two sisters were inseparable to the point of them developing and talking in a code language only they could understand. At the age of 30 Jennifer gibbons volunteered to die when the twins understood that one of them had to die for one of them to survive. Jennifer was found dead under mysterious heart inflammation. June said she felt “free and at peace” after her sister’s death. The media went ballistic at th mention of these sisters, and soon they were on every paper and chaneel as big media houses tried to come up with explanations of their about why it was the ay it was. Any siblings you want to sacrifice for peace?

5. Moth Man

A very famous mystical creature first sighted in November 1966 at point Pleasant West Virginia. This creature allegedly had big wings a black body and red eyes that bore into your soul. People stopped going outside thier homes after it got dark as it was the hour of the moth man and he took as a sacrifice any man woman or child he layed eyes on.
Whose man is this?

4. Black eyed children

These cute kids became famous in the mid 90s when the Internet boomed with reported deaths and sightings. These kids came to your door seeking for invitation to come inside and if you allowed them -the kid lover you are, you would die under mysterious circumstances. There are many recent sightings and stories on the internet that include people from various scattered parts of the world who claim they have been victims to the black eyed children.

3. Coffin birth

If a woman died while she was pregnant, the eventual gases produced due to the decomposition would eventually push the infant out causing coffin birth. As gross as it might sound it is a real scientific phenomenan, which has gradually reduced with the progress of science.

2. Shadow People

Have you ever caught movement from the corner of the eye only to find nothing and no one present? well you have been visited by the famous shadow people who have reportedly created quite a buzz in the ghost world because of their fondness for spooking people. The internet is filled with pictures that feature the alleged shadow people, where as many scientists deny their existence.
Oh look over your shoulder do you see someone?

1. Pontianak

Indonesian word for women who died in childbirth, these women are said to be the most beautiful organ eaters. They hunt for men and recognise one with their strong scents and dig their sharp fingernails inside stomachs and eats their guts out. The myth spread like a wildfire and indonesian men stopped hanging out their clothes to dry at night as the male smell was said to have attracted the pontiank, and men were asked to stay in after 12am as this was the time after which the hunt usually began. Now as things have gotten surprisingly and significantly better, myth still exists in some villages of Indonesia. Watch out for a pretty girl with sweet smell and long fingernails


this was our list of 10 creepiest things you will read about today, the night is dark and filled with terrors. Don’t turn out the lights when you sleep tonight.