10 Countries To Make The Traveller In You Feel Rich


International destinations have for long been the most exotic and sought after since the very beginning of times, a few years back it would be an accomplishment if you really got to travel to places where most people considered you as a “foreigner”. International travel is always heavy on the budget and hence people aren’t quite able to make the most of their experience, but not anymore because here are the 10 exotic international locations that will lift up your spirit without sinking your pockets


10. Costa Rica

The currency of Costa Rica is called colons, no literally And $1 = 571 colons, while you process this information along with that of yourself sipping Virgin-Mary on the Caribbean island let us move on to our next destination. This place is the host to a marine life like no other, and you could engage in sports like underwater diving to get a closer look at the beauty of this place which is as breathtaking as it gets.

9. Hungary

Hungarians are known to be the most charming people, and you can admire this quality they posses while you are walking through the famous Budapest spending as low as $10 on Hotel rooms that come fully furnished because $1 = 276.86 forint. The food here is very cheap too and the soup that is the hungary special is a must have. You will find all kinds of people here and we advice you to book hotels before you go as it is very convinient.

8. Cambodia

Ascend into the realm of God, Angkor Wat and descend into the realms of hell, Tuol Sleng Prison with a history that is both exciting but depressing Cambodia is guaranteed to make you feel important, brimming with history and culture, the place has various museams and memorial places that pay tribute to the national figures of the country. Poverty here is very evident in some parts where as the other parts are modernised and developed. $1 = 4093 Riel.

7. Paraguay

The cheapest country in the world, offers everything from food to drink at prices that are as unbelievable as the election of the U.S. President was, the beer is so cheap you would feel like you are drinking Pepsi from a can, diet if you please. If you want to have an international Bachelor’s party this is your place, or you could always visit with a group of equally broke friends. $1 = 5571 Guarani

6. Vietnam

Did you know mushroom shakes were a thing? Or that if you look at it long enough, you might see the fish on your plate moving a little? Welcome to Vietnam where you can soak up in the scenic beauty and calm your nerves because you are doing it for dirt cheap as $1 = 22725 Dong

5. Pakistan

To give your travel the extra edge if none of these beautiful destinations thrill you enough visit this beautiful country where the world famous kebabs and chicken you can wear will thrill you enough. $1 =104 Pakistani Rupee. Pakistan is famous for it’s food, and special chicken suits that are made with the chicken you can’t eat.

4. India

Soaked in culture and spicy food, India has been on most of your bucket list, one more reason to visit it would be how you could finance most of your traveling around here by saving a few months pocket money. India boasts development and mordernistaion basketed in the very roots of culture that seeps in every part of the city. the city gives you chills almost by how beautiful it gets as you explore it. $1 = 60 Indian rupees

3. Mexico

If you have ever thought about visiting Mexico the time is now! With spending as low as two dollars per day you could enjoy the beautiful life and the amazing cuisine Mexico has to offer. It is  a backpacker’s most value for money destination $1 = 18.16 pesos

2. Morocco

Just a stone’s  throw away from Europe this North American country offers the exquisite luxury for 1/3rd of the price, sit back and enjoy the famous Moroccan coffee and dates as you surprise yourself with all the money you saved . When you get tired of being pampered you canhead out and grab a few drinks from bars that are in plety around here and that serve fine drinks at finer prices. This country is an allrounder for us necause it has something for everyone. $1 = 9.78 dirham

1. Indonesia

If you haven’t heard of this Asian country with beaches and elephants and spewing volcanoes you have been living under a rock, Indonesia is so extremely beautiful that myth exists that it was and still is resided by gods. Not all Indonesian places are cheap but Komodo, Lombok and Java are some places you must visit as you move across this beautiful place covered with flowers and trees you wouldn’t believe exist. $1 = 13324 Indonesian rupiah


These were the destinations we could go to considering how broke we are by the 25th of every month but hey they are not bad now are they, infact they have all that instagrammable bling and beauty. So pack your bags and let us know in the comments down below if you have or plan to visit any of these beautiful places.