One Photographer Is About To Change The Way You Think About Time Forever.

To achieve this effect, Wilkes photographs the same location from a fixed angle 1,500 times over the course of 24 hours.

He then chooses the best photos from each session and blends them together seamlessly into one image.
The transition from day to night and back again dictates much of the human experience. Because this is a shared phenomenon, Wilkes decided to choose subjects that people around the world could relate to in a similar way.

The Flat Iron
The Flat Iron

“I photograph from locations and views that are part of our collective memory,” he writes.
According to the artist, these images help us visualize “our conscious journey with time.”
The photographs illustrate concepts of shared time and space with the refreshing concision of still images.
It’s easy to get lost in abstract ideas when considering the ways in which we’re affected by time. These images cut down on all of that abstraction with a visual representation of the idea.
While many try and fail to wrap their minds and their words around what it means to watch time pass us by, Stephen Wilkes articulates the idea with poignant images that need no explanation.