10 Christmas Trees That Are Great Alternatives To The Real Thing.

1. Hang little treats on this adorable advent tree.

2. This simple chalkboard tree is elegant, and you can give it a different look every day!
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3. Have a wooden pallet sitting around? Grab a paintbrush and get to work
4. If you’re not content with a simple coat of paint, cut your pallet into the shape of a tree.
5. If you’re a baker, this tree made out of paper baking cups is the perfect holiday addition.
6. Wine lovers rejoice! You can do something cute with all those corks you rack up between now and the new year.
7. If you’re a beach lover trapped in a wintry abyss, make yourself one of these adorable driftwood trees.
8. If knitting is your jam, check out this yarn tree project. Make a cone-shaped base from poster paper and hot-glue those babies until you can’t anymore.
9. With a string of lights, some ornaments, and an A-frame ladder, you can make the coolest anti-tree ever.
10. If you’re a lifelong nerd like me, this is the tree for you.