You Probably Recognize This Work Of Art, But It’s Keeping A Tiny Secret.

Fidai wasn’t always a professional artist. In fact, he had to lose his job as a lawyer to really harness his craft.

“I was a lawyer near Ufta, Russia, when I was laid off,” he writes. “Rather than find another office job, I devoted myself to art. I can now support my family by selling these miniature works.”

When it comes to choosing subjects for this series, he loves recreating some of the world’s most iconic images.

“My favorite canvas is the humble pumpkin seed,” he writes. “Its smooth, white surface is perfect for making tiny copies of paintings like Van Gogh’s Starry Night.”

Fidai also creates more traditional work, but there’s a distinct difference between those projects and his miniatures.

According to the artist, “When I work with oil on canvas, it’s more emotional and expressive. When I’m painting with acrylic on seeds, it’s a matter of hard work and attention to detail.”

Although he loves drawing inspiration from classic works, he’s also a lover of pop culture. Like just about everyone else, he’s a huge fan of Breaking Bad. Why not show the cast a little love, too?

He also created a timely nod to this beloved franchise.des8