Start The Year Off Right With 6 Exciting Facts About New Year’s Eve (6 pics)

New Year’s Eve is known for being a night where everybody parties, but today you’re going to learn a few new things you probably didn’t know about the holiday.

People in Johannesburg, South Africa celebrate by throwing things off high buildings. Police hate it and say people not only litter the streets but create life-threatening hazards by throwing TVs, chairs etc.

Chumbivilcas in Peru has a tradition when the celebrations start (December 25th) and lasts a week. People that had a conflict during the year have a fist fight that end in saying sorry and coming into New Year with no bad emotions.

In 2010 Muslim extremists wanted to blow up Russians celebrating New Year on the Red Square in Moscow. The plan literally backfired when the trigger, a cellphone, received a text from the operator and the bomb killed only the terrorists.

You’ve seen people celebrating on Times Square, but did you know most of them are wearing diapers? Yup, the famous place in New York has too few portable toilets so people have to take matters into their own hands… so to say.

You can celebrate many times if you take a plane trip. Australia is one of the first to reach 2016, while Hawaii is the last; But Ethiopia goes further back in time. Ethiopian year has 13 MONTHS, twelve have 30 days and the thirteenth has only 5 days, because of that the year is 2008 there and will be until September 2016.

Statistics show that 1st of January is the day that most cars get stolen through a year. This might have to do with people coming somewhere by car and leaving it behind.