Artist’s Tiny Creations Make A Big Statement About Environmental Consciousness.

Of Trees, which is the artist’s latest endeavor, underscores the importance of environmental consciousness by enhancing the beauty of l


Drawing connections between art and nature became reflexive for her at an early age.


“When I was 14,” she writes, “I attended a summer camp that focused on environmental stewardship and conservation, and it was a pivotal experience. It shifted the way I thought about the world.”


According to the artist, “I bind nature and the human touch by combining organic objects with traditional craft techniques.”


She seizes every opportunity to interact with nature, and she always collects materials along the way. The process leaves her feeling inspired, but that inspiration sometimes gets ahead of her.


“I have to tell myself not to collect more objects, because my desk is already too full of things I’ve brought home!” she jokes. But when it comes to art, a surplus of inspiration is far better than the alternative.


Whenever she adds objects to her growing collection, Fayle takes a moment to consider where each piece comes from, where it’s been, and where it’s going. In a sense, she curates beautiful endings for these natural stories.


When it comes to her flair for embroidery, she really enjoys “the simplicity and immediacy of working

this way.”