When Other Shelters Turned These Pets Away, One Group Gave Them A Home For Life.

Now that winter’s finally rolled around, the caring folks at Home for Life let their furry friends have a snow day of epic proportions.


And they were thrilled to share the fresh powder with their favorite humans!


While a few of them opted to watch from inside…


others just couldn’t get enough of the great outdoors.



Thanks to this sanctuary, these dogs and cats never have to face abandonment or euthanasia. Instead, they get to experience lives that are full of happiness.


While few people have the resources to take on dogs with disabilities, the Home for Life gang provides them with constant care. Most importantly, they help them get in on the festivities!


How could you resist this level of cuteness?


That adorable mug could melt anyone’s heart.


Home for Life is breaking the cycle of euthanasia and inspiring animal lovers to look for alternatives that will help pets in need.


These images embody a simple truth that this organization wants to share with the world: “Animals that couldn’t be adopted — but don’t deserve to die — can still live great lives if given the opportunity.”