This Couple Saved A Squirrel And Let It Live In Their Christmas Tree (4 pics).

Redditor carefree_dude’s wife found an injured squirrel on the side of the road last month and decided to take it home. After a few days of giving the squirrel medicine, he began to feel better and the couple named him mitten. Mitten is now living in their Christmas tree. The couple plans on releasing him back into the wild once he’s at full health.

“My wife found this squirrel at the side of the road twitching. He likely got hit by a car, and suffered major head trauma”


“He couldn’t eat, drink, [or] walk. We were eventually able to get him to drink via a syringe”


“He often keeps his head to the side”


The family may never be able to release him back into the wild, so now he’s living in their Christmas tree!