Mom Transforms Room Under The Stairs Into A Harry Potter Hideaway (5 pics).

Courtney Bonnet is a librarian from Pennsylvania and she moved into her new house last June. When she found a room underneath the stairs she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it. She turned it into a Harry Potter themed room where people can go to relax and read books. Now it’s an area of the house that the whole family can enjoy.

“I first noticed [the secret room] when we came to an open house last year”


My husband and I bought the house “after agreeing I could turn the space into a Harry Potter–themed room

“I just love Harry Potter and books and reading,” said librarian and mother Courtney Bonnet
“I am pretty crafty and handy around the house so I figured why not? What kid wouldn’t want their own secret room?
“I want my kids to enjoy books and reading and see what an impact books can have on a person’s life”